How is the new Cel-Fi DUO different from the current Cel-Fi?


We recently published a blog post on some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Cel-Fi. This time around we thought we’d offer up some answers about our latest product the Cel-Fi DUO which is now being offered by T-Mobile under the CellSpot brand (an industry first).

CellSpot Unboxing video:

How is the new Cel-Fi Duo different from the current Cel-Fi?

The new Cel-Fi Duo is a dual-band smart signal booster that has all the same great features of previous Cel-Fi products. You get faster data rates and can eliminate dropped calls with an easy-to-set-up system that you simply plug in – no need for a broadband connection, external antennas or bulky cabling. What’s new with the Duo is that in addition to 3G WCDMA/HSPA+, it supports LTE (including VoLTE). It’s also smaller and covers a larger indoor footprint.

What other features does it have?

The Cel-Fi Duo not only offers LTE support, it also features our latest SON (self-organizing network) capabilities. This gives it the ability to automatically self-configure and self-optimize to improve network efficiency.

Where can I get it?

T-Mobile is the first wireless provider in the world to offer the new Cel-Fi Duo, dual-band smart signal booster. T-Mobile customers interested in learning more can contact T-Mobile Customer Service or visit a T-Mobile retail store. You can also purchase a Cel-Fi Duo directly from the Nextivity web site

Cel-Fi Duo is rolling out to mobile operators in other countries too. Be sure to check in with us frequently on availability in your area.

Want to find out more? Let us know, and we’ll have the answers for you.

By the Cel-Fi Team