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Patch Antenna

The Patch Antenna is a wideband, omnidirectional server antenna for CEL-FI cellular network deployments. Supporting frequency of operation for 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G networking technologies, the antenna provides improved efficiency and gain. The antenna features a short, flexible pigtail cable that enables ease of installation and versatility without risking a tight bend radius. This antenna is ideal for CEL-FI GO G51 applications and is included in the box for specific kits. The antenna can also be used with the CEL-FI GO G41.

  • Designed for wideband operation from 617-4000 MHz
  • Standard SMA Male RF interface with short cable for interface
  • Adhesive mounting for ease of install
  • Flexibility to pair with desired Coaxial Cable type and length with GO G51 based on installation location
  • Ground plane independent

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