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The WAVE app provides end-users and installers the ability to monitor and manage CEL-FI installations.

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Designed as the interface to CEL-FI Boosters

The WAVE app provides an effortless way for end-users to quickly and easily register, configure and manage their CEL-FI devices. Compatible with Bluetooth enabled CEL-FI systems.

Operator Switching

When enabled by a system, this dropdown on the Settings tab allows you to change the network carrier (operator) to boost. A software package may be downloaded and installed to support the new carrier. The option may be disabled if you don’t have a cellular signal.

Mode Switching

If you are connected to a GO G31 or GO G32, you have the option to switch between Mobile and Stationary modes. Simply select the Mode from the Settings tab. A software package may be downloaded and installed to support the new mode.

Antenna Position Test

If you are using a CEL-FI supplied mounting bracket, you can use the Antenna Positioning feature to setup your external antennas. Capture measurements in up to 8 positions. The app will analyze the data and recommend the best direction to aim your antenna.


The dashboard is a glance-able view to the state of your CEL-FI environment. It includes the Operator and technology (3G, 4G or 5G) it’s boosting, as well as the Signal Quality, Signal Strength and Antenna Separation (essentially the amount of Signal Gain the system is providing).

Booster Settings

Some CEL-FI Boosters have configurable boost options. In that case, the booster will only relay according the method selected. Select by technology (3G, 4G) or by bands (and frequencies). CEL-FI’s default setting is “Automatic”. This simply means CEL-FI will automatically choose the best signal for you.


The Registration function is an optional feature that can be enabled by Mobile Network Operators. The Registration function captures the state and donor cell information of the CEL-FI system, along with information about the location where the device is being deployed and stores the data securely in the cloud.

Operators and regional telecom governing agencies may require signal boosters to be registered. The Registration application in WAVE simplifies and streamlines this process. Simply input the user’s name and address and the WAVE application will automatically collect the network conditions collected by the CEL-FI system at the time of registration and securely stor it in the cloud. Information like donor cell ID’s coupled with geographical deployment information of CEL-FI systems can then be analyzed and visualized from within the WAVE portal.

Easy Installation

Install your booster, then download and run the WAVE app. Follow these Setup and Installation instructions.


If you have further questions, check out our Support page for full Installation and Troubleshooting Guides.


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