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WAVE Field Tool

PC toolkit for testing network readiness, performing maintenance, and configuring CEL-FI devices.

Latest version: 1.7.1


Testing, Troubleshooting and Device Management

The CEL-FI WAVE Field Tool is a Windows-based software suite designed to test network readiness, perform maintenance, configure CEL-FI devices, and more. This free utility can be used on a Windows-based laptop or workstation, with or without internet connectivity.

Simply connect your CEL-FI device to the PC via Ethernet or USB. The Field Tool will allow you to change advanced configuration options, perform software updates, capture log files, restore default settings, and more. It is a key component of the CEL-FI toolkit, which includes resources such as the CEL-FI COMPASS, WAVE Portal, and mobile apps. Together, these empower field technicians and installers to perform all necessary configuration and maintenance of CEL-FI systems. A summary of the features is provided below:


Cloud Connection

This test will check your Firewall settings to make sure you have a connection to the WAVE Portal. A LAN connection is required for CEL-FI systems to communicate with the cloud.

Capture Log

The log capture feature is used to troubleshoot faulty systems. Log files are saved on your PC and are broken up into 30 minute chunks. Email this log file to our support team for analysis.

SIM Card

CEL-FI systems with internal modems (example QUATRA 4000e and SOLO) can set the SIM APN values. This feature allows you to change the Network Operator of the SIM card.

DHCP Reset

If you are unable to connect your QUATRA 1000/2000 Network Unit to your Coverage Unit via an ethernet cable, use this feature tol reset the network configuration for the ethernet port.

Factory Reset

A factory reset deletes all settings on the device including your Band, Channel and Antenna settings. A factory reset is necessary before transferring ownership to another person or as a last resort when troubleshooting a faulty system.

Software Update

Use Software Update to update or upgrade your CEL-FI systems. Keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your CEL-FI product’s health and security.

Cloud Reset

A Cloud reset removes the device from the WAVE Portal. When you power up the system after a Cloud reset you will have to go through the commissioning flow to activate and get the device relaying again.

Change Operator

If available for your device and region, you can update the Network Operator/Carrier of your CEL-FI system.

Please note that access to select functions is restricted to authorized Nextivity partners and requires internet access for WAVE Portal authentication. 


Latest version: 1.7.1

Providing feedback
If you encounter any problems with the software or if you would like to request enhancements, please submit a ticket through our Support Site. Make sure to include the build number in the bug title and description so your issue can be processed quickly.