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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

Retail and Grocery

Keep your customers connected and systems running smoothly.

Better Coverage = Better Business

Connect people, devices, apps, and more.

60% of shoppers have used retailer mobile apps while shopping
50% of shoppers say their experience would improve if loyalty cards were easier to activate at checkout
In-store mobile purchases are growing 67% among shoppers aged 25 – 34

Boost your Bottom Line with Reliable Connectivity

  • Payment systems, EFTPOS, payment authentication
  • Customer and employee access to voice, data, and emergency services
  • In-store couponing, QR code access, mobile delivery apps
  • ATM and kiosk connectivity
  • Stocking, inventory management and receiving, and warehouse operations
  • Customer service contact, on-site services
  • Customer courtesy in waiting areas, cafes, etc.
  • Backup, redundancy for other networks
Featured Solution


Combining unmatched performance with ease of installation, CEL-FI GO G43 provides “small box” stores, quick-serve restaurants, and branch offices a fast way to improve cellular connectivity for customers, employees, and operations. The system solves in-building coverage challenges for up to three mobile network operator (MNO) signals.

“I Already Have Wi-Fi”

Advantages of Cellular over Wi-Fi

Most retailers have Wi-Fi. Their first question to us is “why would I spend more money [on cellular sevice]?”.

Here’s why:

  1. More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  2. Less interference and network traffic issues
  3. More secure
  4. Users don’t need to log in
  5. Less pressure on internal IT resources

Customers Want to be Connected

Reduce the chances of abandoned carts, delayed purchases, restless shoppers.

Access coupons, product information, and store directories for an improved shopping experience.
Looking up recipes, insurance info, or dimensions to helps complete purchases in one trip.
Bringing in friends and family for support, advice, and fun eases stress for large purchases.
Getting through checkout, financing, delivery set up, etc. quickly and hassle-free means leaving with a good feeling.

Industry 4.0 for Retail Operations

Before any customers or products enter the store, retailers need reliable cellular connectivity. From inventory and stocking operations to utilizing a CBRS private network for IoT devices, automation, and other Industry 4.0 applications, having a complete wireless strategy as the foundation of your technology infrastructure can improve efficiency now and futureproof your distribution centers and warehouses.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our expert partners work with retailers to quickly implement game-changing cellular solutions.

Case Study
Grocery Store Chain Improves Customer Satisfaction with Reliable Cellular Connectivity
From connectivity for customers to call or text in the aisles to ensuring employee safety and backup checkout devices, the chain equipped hundreds of stores with dependable coverage.
Case Study
Big-Box Retailer Boosts Cellular Coverage to Enhance Shopping Experience and Employee Safety
Customers needed reliable cellular coverage to use in-store apps, while employees depended on connectivity for emergency calling and important communications throughout the store.
Case Study
Guests Stay Connected with Reliable Calling, Texting, and Data in Brooklyn Shopping Mall

The shopping mall solved cellular coverage challenges in its underground food court, enabling guests to take full advantage of their mobile devices during their visit.

Let’s Get Started!

Nextivity engineers our solutions from the ground up to ensure your project is hassle-free. From spec to design to installation and maintenance, we’ve thought of everything. Our customers are amazed how quickly we are in and out.

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