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HARMONY Service for:

Gunshot Detection

AI-driven enhanced safety system for schools, workplaces, and other indoor public spaces

This patented HARMONY solution is currently available in the U.S. only.

Breakthrough Technology Increases Safety in Public Spaces

The Nextivity HARMONY gunshot detection service is a unique patented solution that offers gunshot detection and location information. The on-premise system is self-monitoring to ensure it is available when needed and reacts quickly to detected events.

The HARMONY system integrates with emergency management platforms, such as Raptor® Connect™ to become an integral part of a comprehensive Active Shooter Response Plan. Any platform with an open API can be supported. If no emergency management platform is available, the system can send an SMS notification to a list of emergency contacts, or a text to 9-1-1.

HARMONY Gunshot Detection System

The HARMONY gunshot detection system, offered by Nextivity as a Solution as a Service (SaaS), is comprised of key components of our world-class cellular coverage and private networking solutions. Nextivity has expanded their capabilities to go beyond delivering wireless connectivity to full AI / IoT deployments.

System Components:

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c In-Building Coverage System

The capabilities of the QUATRA 4000c have been expanded to include gunshot detection and location capabilities. These capabilities help provide actionable information from inside the building to the emergency management platform.

Smart Server Antenna

A unique version of the Nextivity Smart Server Antenna is used in the HARMONY gunshot detection system. This version has a feature called “acoustic gunshot detection”, which includes:

  • An omni-directional microphone to capture sound events.
  • AI algorithms that process the sound inside the antenna to classify gunshot events. Note that processing the sound inside the antenna, at the capture point, ensures privacy. No sound is recorded or exists inside the antenna.
  • The ability for multiple antennas to simultaneously detect and classify a gunshot event, making the system highly accurate.
  • The ability to respond very quickly – only a short message indicating a gunshot was detected is set to the Gunshot Localization Algorithm.

HARMONY Edge Server

The HARMONY Edge Server is deployed at the building site and fully managed by Nextivity as part of the gunshot detection service. The Edge Server is pre-loaded with a map of the building(s) and the location of each Smart Server Antenna.

In Use, the HARMONY Edge Server

  • HARMONY Edge Server receives event data from detected gunshots from multiple Smart Server Antennas. This will always happen as antennas are distributed throughout the building and are within earshot of one another – meaning more than one antenna will “hear” a gunshot.
  • Inside the Edge Server, our Gunshot Localization Algorithm processes all event data and determines the location of the gunshot.
  • The Gunshot Localization Algorithm then relays the event information to the schools’ emergency response software platform.
  • As an alternative, the EDGE Server can send SMS notifications to a list of emergency contacts or texts to 9-1-1 can be supported.

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