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Technical Support

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If you need something other than technical support or are trying to reach your Nextivity Account Rep, please visit the “Contact Us” page.
For WAVE Portal and CEL-FI University access issues, please email [email protected]

Nextivity is committed to providing our partners and end users with information and expert advice to ensure installation, set up, operation, and optimization of our products and solutions is as hassle-free as possible.

We are a global company with a range of products. To get you the information you need as quickly as possible, please select the option that most closely fits your needs. Selecting multiple options or one you think will get you help the fastest vs. selecting the most appropriate option is likely to delay, not speed up, your response. Please help us get you to the right team or person quickly.

If you are a QUATRA or SHIELD end user contact your System Integrator for support.

Product Support

Partner Support for All CEL-FI and SHIELD Products

(Except HPUE – MegaFixed, MegaMobile, MegaGo)

Partner Support

All support documents are in the Partner Portal. Please log in to access manuals, software downloads, troubleshooting guides, and other product and installation documentation. If you do not have access to the portal, click here.

Distributors and MVPs (premium support)

Only Distributors and System Integrators with MVP credentials can submit support tickets.


If you need access to technical training / certification in Nextivity University.

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HPUE Installers and End Users

(MegaFixed, MegaMobile, MegaGo)


SHA256 checksum value for MegaFi firmware version 2.4.44:

SHA256 checksum value for MegaFi firmware version 2.4.34:


Is the Nextivity MegaGo difficult to operate?
Nope. One button operation (On/Off) is all that is required. The MegaGo has been preprogrammed to automatically connect to FirstNet. The network automatically selects the LTE band and tells the MegaGo to activate MegaRange power as required. The SSID and password for Wi-Fi operation are written on the inside of the case.

Should the Nextivity MegaGo be operated with the case open or closed?
The MegaGo case should be operated with the case closed. This protects the internal circuits from the elements. The built-in antennas are oriented so that they provide best performance when the lid is closed and the MegaGo case is placed flat on any surface.

Does the MegaGo require external antennas?
Nope. The MegaGo case has a high-performance antenna array mounted in the case lid. This includes a high-performance antenna for MegaRange operation on Band 14.

How do I know how much battery charge is left?
The MegaRange case includes a digital display with the percentage of charge left in the battery. The battery typically powers the MegaGo for 12-14 hours in normal operating conditions.

How long does it take to fully recharge the MegaGo battery?
Recharging a fully discharged MegaGo battery typically takes six hours from the ac/dc adapter included with the case. Our tests show that following a full charge, the battery can retain the charge for about one month if not used.

Can I operate the MegaGo while recharging the battery?
Yes. The MegaGo can be used while charging as long as the battery is above 20% capacity.

Self-Help Support Site

Start here for troubleshooting to access Frequently Asked Questions and Product Documentation

Technical Support

For additional assistance: +1 (858) 485-9442 OPTION 1
Support Business Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Residential and Small Commercial Products


Retail Customers

The best place to get help is from the company you bought our product from. They are trained to help you and the place to go for questions about warranty and returns.

Self-Help Support Site

For Quick Start Guides, software, and set-up information and other product documentation.

Commercial / Enterprise End Users

(For all CEL-FI and SHIELD products except HPUE – MegaFixed, MegaMobile, MegaGo)

Professionally-installed Nextivity CEL-FI and SHIELD products are sold and serviced only through authorized partners. We do not provide support directly to end users. Please contact your System Integrator for support.

For help identifying your local integrator call: +1 (858) 485-9442 OPTION 2
Support Business Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST