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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:


Secure connectivity to support operations.

Datacenter Connectivity Presents Special Challenges

Nextivity Solutions Deliver in Unique Environment

Datacenter visitors and staff need reliable, secure access to the outside world for voice and data communication – difficult to achieve given the size, location, and materials used to build most datacenters.
Datacenters need protection from the elements. Nextivity can bring an off-air signal indoors without penetrating the roof and creating a potential vulnerability.

With many datacenters located in remote areas, it can be a challenge to reliably boost signals to usable levels for all carriers. Nextivity’s channelized active DAS hybrid solution delivers secure connectivity without the cost of legacy DAS.

Off-Air Cellular Connectivity is an Easy-to-Manage Communication Solution

  • Secure, readily accessible connectivity with no log-ins or need to grant visitors access to internal networks
  • Remotely managed system via Nextivity WAVE software portal – meaning fewer onsite visits by third parties
  • Full-coverage, cost-effective designs covering all carriers with connectivity from active DAS hybrid solution that rivals legacy DAS
  • No drain on internal IT resources
  • Quick deployment – no operator agreement required and unconditionally network safe

Why Not Wi-Fi or Legacy DAS?

Wi-Fi is often the go-to technology for quickly providing indoor connectivity, but not necessarily the right choice in every situation. Compared to Wi-Fi, cellular advantages are:

  • More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  • More secure
  • Users don’t need to log in
  • Access to multiple operator signals in an emergency
  • Less pressure on internal IT teams

For large datacenters, legacy DAS is another option. Off-air cellular coverage solutions offer the following advantages over legacy DAS:

  • Significantly lower TCO
  • Not paying for unneeded capacity
  • Quicker deployments as no operator agreement required

Secure Cellular Connectivity Smooths Datacenter Operations

Reduce Interruptions and Inconveniences with Reliable Service

Having reliable third-party backup for alarm systems provides an extra layer of redundancy.

Getting technical support on the fly and questions answered quickly saves time and avoids repeat maintenance visits.

Multi-operator connectivity increases access to security staff and emergency responders for routine and extraordinary situations.

Taking advantage of the macro-network, users can easily and securely transmit data for set up, verification, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our experienced partners work with datacenter operators to quickly deploy secure cellular connectivity solutions.

Case Study

Top-Selling Beverage Company Ensures Reliable Cellular Coverage Throughout Manufacturing Plant

A name brand beverage company provided 40 managers with mobile devices to increase productivity inside its 376,000 ft² manufacturing plant. However, the plant’s rural location and metal roof prevented cellular signals from penetrating, causing dead zones and making it nearly impossible…

Case Study

CEL-FI QUATRA Amplifies Cellular Coverage Inside Airplane Hangars and Aviation Facilities

Hangars and the adjacent buildings are often constructed of metal that blocks GPS, satellite, and cellular signals from penetrating into the facilities. For the past decade KonectaGPS has been installing GPS and SATCOM repeaters that capture the GPS signal outdoors and bring it into the hangar.

Case Study

Public Safety Communications Sees Major Advancements for Manufacturing with Nextivity

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities were under construction in an area outside Tucson, Arizona that was previously farmland. One building was 200,000 square feet and a second building was 600,000 square feet. As the facilities were built with steel, they were essentially giant Faraday cages…

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