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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:


Secure connectivity to support patient care, operations, and critical communications.

Better Coverage for Better Outcomes

Blanket your facility with strong, reliable cellular signals for peace of mind

Patients, visitors, and staff – whether in a hospital setting, outpatient clinic, or residential care facility, need access to emergency services, healthcare data, and care information 24/7. Connecting via cellular is simple and secure.

Healthcare providers save time accessing patient records and clinical care systems like Epic® over a cellular connection – no Wi-Fi log-ins or security issues. Pick up a device and go.

Cellular is an excellent primary or backup option for critical operations such as pharmacy management, records management, system monitoring alerts, as well as alarms and facility surveillance and security.

People and Processes Benefit from Secure Connectivity

  • Patient, visitor, and staff access to voice, data, and emergency services
  • Telehealth support
  • EFTPOS, payment authentication
  • Data access – patient, pharmacy, imaging, instructions, etc.
  • Mobile check-in and text notifications
  • Supply management
  • Equipment monitoring / alarming
  • Facility security and surveillance
  • ATM, vending, and kiosk connectivity
  • Parking structure and elevator safety
  • EV charging stations
  • Backup and redundancy for other systems
  • FirstNet access, even in remote or shielded areas with HPUE technology

Support for Critical Communications

Remote Facilities • First Responders • Public Safety

Nextivity offers solutions for first responders and the organizations that support them. Our High Power User Equipment (HPUE) products are available in fixed, mobile, or portable models and deliver 6x the uplink power of standard equipment. They are ideal for use in emergency response vehicles and remote healthcare facilities – anywhere life-saving and other essential communications occur.

We also offer in-building ERCES for public cafety applications. Ensure first responders are able to communicate with the best technology on the market.

Why Not Wi-Fi or Legacy DAS?

Wi-Fi is often the go-to technology for quickly providing indoor connectivity, but not necessarily the right choice in every situation. Compared to Wi-Fi, cellular advantages are:

  • More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  • More secure
  • Users don’t need to log in
  • Access to multiple operator signals in an emergency
  • Less pressure on internal IT teams

For large healthcare campuses, legacy DAS is another option. Off-air cellular solutions offer the following advantages over legacy DAS:

  • Significantly lower TCO
  • Not paying for unneeded capacity
  • Quicker deployments as no operator agreement required

Reliable Voice and Data, Less Worry

Access to medical history, insurance information, and cash as well as ability to keep family up-to-date in emergencies reduces stress on caregivers.

Consulting, collaborating, educating, and getting results and answers quickly improves care and patient satisfaction.

Seamless connectivity on-the-go helps preparation and coordination of patient care.

Monitoring equipment, supplies, personnel, and facility security ensures operations are running smoothly and staff can focus on patients.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our experienced partners work with healthcare facilities to quickly deploy secure cellular connectivity solutions.

Case Study

Texas Healthcare Facility Improves Cellular Connectivity for Staff and Patient Communication

UTMB selected a Nextivity fiber cellular coverage solution to improve in-building cellular reception in multiple buildings on its 1 million-square-foot campus.

Case Study

Nurses and Residents Stay Connected with Cellular Coverage at Retirement Community

Once needing to go outside to get a signal, staff and residents now enjoy making calls from anywhere inside the senior living facility.

Case Study

Hospital Relies on Cellular to Monitor Refrigeration Temperature Data for Vaccine Storage

A Southern California community healthcare facility elevated cellular coverage inside the basement to monitor the temperature of COVID-19 vaccines.

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