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This product is no longer manufactured, but new units are available for purchase from an authorized Nextivity partner.

Recommended alternative:
SHIELD MegaFi (available in U.S.)


FirstNet® MegaRange™ HPUE Cellular Coverage Solution

Regions: U.S. Only
Bands: 2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 29, 30, 66
Kits: MegaMobile and MegaFixed

SHIELD HPUE products deliver connectivity for life-saving and other essential communications. Highest-power devices available on FirstNet network – 6x standard equipment.

Applications for SHIELD AW12 HPUE

Mobile Use

  • Cars, Ambulances, and Trucks
  • Mobile Command Posts
  • Buses
  • Railways
  • Boats and Ships

Fixed Location

  • Primary or Back-up
  • 911 PSAPS
  • Headquarters
  • Remote Offices
  • Smart Cities
  • Utilities SCADA

HPUE Technology in Action

FirstNet MegaRange delivers the highest power LTE communications available

On the Edge
Stronger and more reliable connections with faster uplink as First Responders pass the normal “cell edge”

In the City
Better connectivity in buildings, building shadows, and underground locations

High Power User Equipment (HPUE) Technology

Gain FirstNet Coverage Beyond Range of Today’s Standard Equipment

The range for cellular LTE/FirstNet coverage is typically limited by uplink power

By design, downlink power from the cell site is much greater than the uplink power from the user.

Our patented HPUE technology boosts the coverage footprint of the network up to 6x that of standard equipment.

Our proprietary technology allows us to tap into the power of the network without damaging the network – this is why Nextivity HPUE equipment is in a class of its own and able to deliver connectivity well beyond the range of standard offerings.

About HPUE

  • High Power User Equipment (HPUE) helps balance the downlink and uplink ranges
  • HPUE is defined by the international standards body 3GPP as Power Class 1
  • Power Class 1 devices are the most powerful devices allowed under 3GPP standards

High Power User  Equipment

Power Class 1

1.25 Watts
AT&T FirstNet

Standard LTE User  Equipment

Power Class 3

0.2 Watts



Can be used with Mobile or Fixed Antennas


  • Ethernet / USB converter and power conditioner, router
  • Vehicle / Fixed mounting bracket
  • Cables for connections

Antennas sold separately

SHIELD AW12 MegaMobile

Enhanced Features


FCC, PTCRB, 3GPP, and AT&T FirstNet Ready


2×2, 4×2

Firmware Upgrade

Delta firmware over-the-air (DOFTA)


+9 to +36Vdc nominal power


3GPP Release


Output Power for Band 14

1.25W (Power Class 1)

Output Power for Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, (17), 29, 30, and 66

200mW (Power Class 3)

Transmit Bandwidth

1.4 MHz through 200 MHz

WCDMA Fallback

Bands 2, 4, and 5

Location Aware


GNSS 72 Channel, GPS GLONASS Galileo


-167 dBm

Antenna Support

Active GNSS



3FF Micro SIM card support



RF Connector

4 SMA (3 cellular, 1 GPS)

Environmental and Physical

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F)


12″ x 4.5″ x 2.01″ (304 mm x 1082 mm x 51 mm)


IP54 water and dust protection

Shock and Vibration

MIL-STD-810H: shock and vibration

SHIELD AW12 MegaFixed

Enhanced Features

USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet


AW12 USB and power ports

Shock and Vibration

Remote provisioning, subscription management, Assured cloud data analytics


With Ethernet routers, gateways and switches



Ignition, sleep-sensing, and sleep

Multicolor LED Indicators

Sleep, awake/WAN connected, awake/WAN connection problem


IEEE 802.3at Type 2 PoE from router/gateway, or 9-36 Vdc vehicular power with transient protection


Operating Temperature

-30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F)

Operating Humidity

(Non-condensing) 0 to 95%

Shock, Vibration, Thermal Shock




12″ x 4.25″ x 2.01″ (304 mm x 108 mm x 51 mm)


5 oz (140 g)

Mission Control Software Notes

As part of our ongoing commitment to serve our customers, please see below important information about the software contained on your Nextivity Shield MegaRange device including the AW12 and the MegaFi.

If you have any questions, please email our support team at [email protected]m. If you have any questions about the security on your device, please contact [email protected].

Outbound and Inbound connections from and to your device
The following outbound and inbound connections are made from and/or to the device:

Outbound Connections from your device:

HTTPS to cloud

(TCP, port 443)

For modem data

DNS queries to Google

(UDP, port 53)

For domain resolution

NTP queries to

(UDP, port 23)

For network time for clock)

GPS information, in NMEA/TAIP formats, is available to be transmitted outbound, but requires enablement and requires configuring both the port and protocol. GPS outbound transmissions are OFF by default.

Inbound connections to your device:


(UDP port 67)


(UDP port 53)


(TCP port 80, redirect to HTTPS)


(TCP port 53)

SSH is also available as an inbound connection. SSH inbound traffic is rejected (and is OFF) by default and must be enabled prior to use.

Security Patches Commitment
As part of our ongoing commitment to security, Nextivity will continue to provide security updates for the model of the device for a period of 1 year after the last date that model is sold.

Software General Support Information
Nextivity has a long standing policy of not charging for software used in its hardware. Therefore, there are currently no license fees or other fees required to use of the Mission Control software for your Shield MegaFi and AW12 devices. Should that change, Nextivity will provide 90 days’ notice of any change in its current pricing structure.

Also, Nextivity, should it be necessary to do so, will provide an end-of-life notice for the AW12 and MegaFi products 45 days prior to the date at which those products will no longer be sold. We will notify you based on the latest email registered with us based on your acceptance of the End User License Agreement when you logged into your device. Please note that software patches and security support will be available for only one year after the date the model was last sold by Nextivity.

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Nextivity SHIELD HPUE products are available for purchase by FirstNet users through authorized sellers.