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Nextivity Technology Detects Gunshots

Nextivity cellular coverage systems can now contribute to campus safety as part of an overall Active Shooter Response Plan. Integrating our HARMONY Gunshot Detection Service with your emergency management platform allows for a quick reaction when it’s needed most. We have experts ready to discuss your situation and answer your questions. Read more on your own here:

Product Page: HARMONY Gunshot Detection Service

Blog: Breakthrough Technology for In-Building Wireless Coverage Systems

If you are concerned about funding, we have a team ready to assist. Use the form below or contact us at [email protected] to get started.

Help Teachers Teach and Students Learn

In the U.S., 39% of middle school and 55% of high school students regularly use digital devices for school learning.

There is a growing body of research supporting the academic benefits of mobile phone use in school settings for disadvantaged students across the globe

73% of Advanced Placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP) teachers incorporate mobile phone use into lessons. For Primary – University aged students (U.S.)

Enhance Education and Support School Operations while Providing Peace of Mind for Students, Staff, and Parents

  • Technology access for students: research, polling, testing, calculation, reference sites
  • Safety in classroom: call out, mass notification, personal issues – for students, teachers and staff
  • Safety in parking areas, hallways, outbuildings, athletic facilities
  • Improved communication: arrange rides, keep in touch with family and caregivers, etc.
  • Live-streaming for interactive learning, remote learning, and broadcast of events (sporting, special guests, PTA meetings, etc.)
  • Organization apps: calendars, alarm clock, reminders
  • Access to e-books save school and districts money and is better for environment than printed materials
  • Many workplaces / jobs involve technology: school can help prepare students for future
  • Backup for school systems: administrative, security, asset tracking, etc.
  • EV chargers, kiosks, vending machines

Why Pay for Cellular Coverage and Wi-Fi?

A Comprehensive Wireless Strategy Includes Wi-Fi and Cellular

All school campuses have Wi-Fi networks – and the bigger the campus, the more individual networks. Wi-Fi makes sense for many applications, but a comprehensive wireless strategy includes Wi-Fi and cellular coverage.

Here are some advantages (over Wi-Fi) to covering your campus with a strong off-air cellular signal:

  • More reliable with fewer interruptions
  • Less interference and network traffic issues allow you to take advantage of the operator’s macro network
  • Users (including parents and visitors) don’t need to log in to various networks as they move across campus
  • Access to multiple operator signals in an emergency situation
  • Less pressure on internal IT teams
  • More secure

Students, Teachers, Staff, and Parents Appreciate Cellular Coverage

Allow the community to focus on education and student well-being

Coordinating transportation and keeping in touch with family, friends, and caregivers help families stay on schedule and know everyone is safe and where they are supposed to be.

Enhancing learning and enriching the classroom experience for students of all ages enable experiences and lessons that cannot come from a static book or lecture.

Sharing school activities with family and friends strengthens ties with the community, which leads to increased engagement with key stakeholders and media as well as more support for resources.

Providing access to modern conveniences while also backing up core administrative and data systems ensure access to the latest technology for work and everyday life.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our expert partners work with schools to quickly implement game-changing cellular solutions.

Case Study

School District Elevates Cellular Connectivity to Ensure Safety for Staff and Students

Reliable cellular coverage enabled students and staff across the district’s elementary, middle, and high school to call 9-1-1 at any time and in any location inside the buildings.

Case Study

Reliable Cellular Coverage Delivers Connectivity for Campus Operations

Minimbah school solved its cellular coverage issues in the administration building, enabling staff and visitors to achieve reliable connectivity, including strong signal to operate the on-campus EFTPOS machine.

Case Study

University Staff and Students Take Full Advantage of their Mobile Devices Indoors

Lynn University no longer has groups of people needing to go outside to use their phones. With the improved coverage, everybody enjoys reliable voice and data inside any building on campus.

Cover our Campus!

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