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Hotels • Restaurants • Entertainment Venues • Recreation Areas

Don't Interrupt a Great Experience with a Poor Signal

While it may be trendy for high-end restaurants to ban cell phone use, people who are reachable can stay longer (and spend more). Nearly 2/3 of consumers use cellphones when dining in restaurants.

In-room cellular connectivity is a must for hotel guests. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a strong signal is a modern amenity sure to please everyone. Scroll down for some of the common uses of phones in hotel rooms.

Use of wireless POS systems is expected to grow ~15% year through 2030. Connectivity is good for guests and good for business.

Guests and Guest Services Benefit from Reliable Connectivity

From small cafes to movie theaters and sporting complexes, luxury resort guests and operations are better off with network access. Nextivity intelligent coverage solutions support guests, staff, and operations by enabling:

  • Access to emergency services, no matter where someone is on property
  • Mobile POS solutions to be used throughout
  • Guests to use QR codes or other links to order food or drinks, make reservations, or schedule other services
  • Staff to stay connected to one another to provide the best service possible
  • Use of push services to alert guests of an emergency or to offer coupons and specials to guests
  • Kiosk use for check-in, tickets, EV-charging, parking, and other services and amenities
  • Primary or backup connectivity for security equipment and environmental sensors that protect the building and its occupants
  • Widespread use of apps for enhanced entertainment, social posting, and other integrated experiences – such as self-guided audio tours, site maps, and access to supplemental information and education
  • Ability to quickly add new text and app-based services, amenities, and entertainment offerings

Why Wi-Fi Isn't Enough

Wi-Fi and Cellular Serve Different Purposes

While Wi-Fi has its place as part of every wireless infrastructure, it’s often not robust enough to meet the connectivity needs of a thriving hospitality business and its guests. Here are some of the advantages of bringing the power of the macro cellular network inside your walls:

  • More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  • Less interference and there will be fewer issues with network traffic at peak times
  • Guests and staff can move throughout the building or property with seamless, uninterrupted signals – no dropped calls or having to log into multiple networks
  • In an emergency situation, guests and staff will have access to multiple operator signals and not have to rely on a single Wi-Fi network or need to get outside to find a cellular signal
  • Takes pressure off internal IT teams
  • Cellular is more secure than Wi-Fi

A Dozen Reasons Hotel Guests Want Cellular Service

Signal quality is impacted by building materials, other structures, the natural landscape, and distance to towers – but it can be fixed. Nextivity, along with our expert partners, will work with you to resolve issues affecting guest satisfaction and operations. We can improve your network in days – not months or years.

  1. Check in and check out – express arrival and departures help avoid lines
  2. Arrange for a ride around town
  3. Request housekeeping or supplies
  4. Book a beauty service, tee time, or make a restaurant reservation
  5. Order food – delivery, pick-up, room service
  6. Look up hotel policies – parking, check-out procedures, etc.
  7. Adjust their stay to add nights
  8. Access and control in-room entertainment
  9. Access maps, tickets, and find local information – many properties have cut back on concierge services, guests can self-serve if properly connected
  10. Check in for upcoming flights
  11. Settle charges – guests can review and take care of charges on site, avoiding issues later
  12. Make arrangements with business associates, family, or friends – coordinating schedules is easier with group texts and everyone being connected

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our experienced partners work with Offices and Commercial Real Estate to quickly deploy secure cellular connectivity solutions.

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Connect our Guests!

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