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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

High Power User Equipment (HPUE) for Enterprise

Protect Your Most Critical Communications with the Highest-Powered Mobile Routers Available

Connect in More Places

Stay Connected When it Matters Most

When your mission-critical systems, processes, operations, and people rely on voice and data connections, it only makes sense to have the highest power solution available. With 6x the uplink power, the Nextivity SHIELD MegaFi and MegaGo provide a signal across a wider coverage area that goes deeper into buildings than standard cellular equipment.

Remote Monitoring

Data Transmission

Employee Communication and Safety

SHIELD MegaFi with AT&T Business

Extend Your Coverage:
Improve coverage in rural and dense urban areas

Increase Building Penetration:
Maintain communications deep inside modern structures and underground spaces that weaken signals

Wi-Fi Hotspot Supports Voice and Data:
Reliably stream / upload critical information from anywhere

Fixed, Mobile, and Portable Models:
Get the best connectivity where and when you need it with the highest power devices on the market

Learn more about SHIELD MegaFi.

How Nextivity Delivers 6x the Power to Extend Coverage

Cellular connectivity (e.g., signal strength, operational range, or video, data, and voice coverage) is limited by uplink power in standard devices. This is the power that devices are allowed to use to transmit to the tower. It is limited to prevent interference and damage to the network that standard devices can cause. With standard devices, there is an imbalance between uplink and downlink power – which is why in outlying areas you can often receive data and messages but cannot successfully respond.

SHIELD MegaFi devices are the only solutions on the market that use AT&T MegaRange™ technology — enabled through a SIM card — that are 3GPP Power Class 1 devices. Power Class 1 devices allow +31 dBm power output (1.25 Watts), while standard Power Class 3 devices allow + 23 dBm (200 mW). Typical consumer cellular devices are Power Class 3.

Real-Life Benefits of AT&T MegaRange™

With the increased uplink power, SHIELD MegaFi provides a more robust, far-reaching signal. For enterprises and users, this means better connectivity in rural areas and hard-to-reach places such as valleys, mountains, off-shore areas, and wooded or forested expanses. In urban areas, the extra power increases coverage in building shadows, underground, in elevators, and other shielded environments.

Get More Power!

Upgrade your connectivity for critical communications with the highest-power routers on the market. Equip your team and critical operations with a reliable signal in more places than ever before.

Read more about Nextivity HPUE technology here.

Nextivity SHIELD HPUE products are available for purchase by FirstNet users through authorized sellers.

Nextivity SHIELD MegaFi routers are considered a Power Class 1 (PC1) device and are authorized for UP TO 1.25W, compared to traditional devices that are Power Class 3 that can reach up to 0.2W. Wattage may vary based on network variables and Band 14 availability. As of 2/15/2024, MegaFi is currently the only router in the United States classified as PC1.