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The quickest path to knowing your installation environment and passing acceptance testing.

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Install, optimize and monitor CEL-FI systems

CEL-FI WAVE PRO is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) that pairs with the COMPASS XR, allowing integrators to install and optimize CEL-FI installations without the need for local internet connectivity. The app connects via Bluetooth LE to COMPASS or newer Cel-Fi systems like QUATRA RED and SOLO RED. Older systems that don’t have Bluetooth can be managed by the WAVE Field Tool.

WAVE PRO connections

Grid Test

Collect site survey data for public safety or cellular coverage, or even both at the same time, using the WAVE PRO App’s Grid Test. Whether performing an initial site survey or post-install acceptance testing, the COMPASS XR works with the WAVE System to ensure a successful CEL-FI installation.

Antenna Positioning

Easily find the ideal position for your donor antenna. Connect the donor antenna to the COMPASS XR and the WAVE PRO App will guide you through the positioning process, automatically calculating the optimal direction to point the antenna.


The WAVE PRO app is used to install Configuration Packages and Calibrate QUATRA RED and SOLO RED systems. The app connects directly to the QUATRA RED MU or SOLO RED BDA. The app can also be used to monitor the Radio Data and view the System Status and Alarms.

Existing Benchmark Data Collection

Use COMPASS to collect the required Public Safety Channels signal at the roof top.
COMPASS Soft Case - Option 2

Your quickest path to knowing your indoor environment

Use COMPASS to collect the required Public Safety Channels signal for the indoor area.


WAVE PRO is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.
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