Smart Server Antenna

The Nextivity Smart Server Antenna is a low-profile omnidirectional antenna that provides 360-degree coverage and active monitoring capabilities at the component level. Compatible with Nextivity cellular coverage and public safety communication solutions, including CEL-FI QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid systems and SHIELD code compliant ERCES, the Smart Server Antenna provides businesses and building owners with real-time data on coverage, network, and antenna performance via the Nextivity WAVE Portal. In addition to offering installation flexibility, the antenna can be integrated and configured quickly using the WAVE Portal or WAVE PRO App.

  • Server-Side Monitoring: Remotely monitor the health of your indoor coverage allowing for real-time tracking of coverage strength, network health, and other critical parameters.
  • Multiple Service Bands: Supports all service bands for public cellular (CEL-FI), public safety (SHIELD), and private networking (HARMONY) with various network technologies, including 4G, 5G, P25, and more.
  • Omnidirectional Coverage: Low profile omnidirectional antenna provides 360-degree coverage, ensuring a strong and consistent signal reception from all directions within the indoor space.
  • CEL-FI & SHIELD Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with Nextivity solutions, including CEL-FI QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid systems and SHIELD public safety ERCES.
  • Installation Flexibility: Small and lightweight, the antenna is designed to provide installation flexibility on dropped or hard ceilings with included mounting accessories.
  • Power inserter included with every antenna to couple DC bias to the antennas.
  • Ease of Use: Integrated to set up alarm configurations with WAVE Portal and WAVE PRO App.

Kit Numbers: 
A71-PV4-C00, A71-JV4-C00

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