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Cellular Coverage and CBRS LTE Private Networking for:

Factories, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers

Improve operations today with a connectivity core built for the future.

Every Operation Needs a Wireless Strategy

Address these four key areas to support and connect Industry 4.0 technologies to realize productivity gains.


Corporate Wi-Fi is the backbone of your employee’s corporate connectivity. Your IT team is an expert at this.

Public Cellular Coverage

Your team uses their phones and other devices to conduct business, and they need to be reachable at all times. In addition to connecting customers to their stakeholders to make decisions, reliable cellular coverage keeps employees accessible to their family for peace of mind.

Private Cellular Coverage

Wi-Fi is great when you are stationary, but across a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or office, Wi-Fi is not reliable enough for applications that impact productivity. Private Cellular Networks achieve the reliability necessary for essential communications.

Low Power Sensor Networks

As you connect more machines to your systems under Industry 4.0, many of these sensors will be low-power devices. The data from these sensors, combined with the data you will harvest using your private cellular network, fuels your Industry 4.0 transformation.

Industry 4.0 Requires Reliable Connectivty

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Connectivity Supports People and Operations

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Data from Factory Floor

Warehouse iPads
and Computer Systems

Security Guards
Using Push-to-Talk

Keep phones/devices connected
inside and outside

Exterior Security

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Product Line

Best-In-Class Scalable Enterprise Cellular Coverage Solution


First combined Public/Private Cellular Coverage Solution
Activate CBRS port at any time to enable private networking

Rest of World (APAC & EMEA)

Multi-carrier Active DAS Hybrid that improves cellular coverage for up to four mobile network operator (MNO) signals

CEL-FI QUATRA Solutions are faster and cheaper to install than legacy DAS

  • Use category cabling throughout
  • No additional power – leverage Power-over Ethernet (PoE) for optimum placement
  • No additional monitoring equipment – Nextivity system management software offers free remote management
  • No RF engineering resources required
  • No retransmission agreement needed to activate

Winning Together

Legacy DAS isn't always the answer... Experts estimate that 80%+ of the time, cellular issues are coverage issues – not capacity issues. There is typically plenty of capacity for data transmission on public cellular networks. QUATRA coverage rivals DAS coverage at a fraction of the price and time to install.

Case Study
EV Manufacturer Solves Cellular Coverage and Public Safety Communication Challenges


A state-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturer in Arizona with multiple buildings ranging in size from 200,000 to 600,000 ft2. The building materials were mostly metal and steel, which blocked public safety and cellular signals. Public Safety coverage needed to obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CoO)


  • SHIELD EXTEND (formerly QUATRA RED) Class A 700/800 MHz ERCES with FirstNet
  • CEL-FI QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid


SHIELD EXTEND delivered a “strong signal” and “excellent coverage” for 700/800MHz & FirstNet with easy installation. The CEL-FI QUATRA provided impressive signal strength across all facilities for all U.S. major carriers.

Case Study
Major Auto Manufacturer Improves Cellular Connectivity for Testing Applications

A name brand car manufacturer’s testing facility in Mississippi uses internal vehicle modems for real-time GPS and communication back to central monitoring location. Their cellular connectivity was not reliable, which limited testing applications.


The solution delivered dependable cellular coverage throughout the facility, allowing the brake, crash, and other safety testing applications to reliably communicate back to central command in real time.

Case Study
German Bike Manufacturer Ensures Smooth Testing Operations with Enhanced Cellular Connectivity

A top bicycle manufacturer in Germany had a final testing station equipped with GPS and NB-IoT modules. For the products to pass testing, cellular connectivity was required. There was no signal inside the inside the plant at all

CEL-FI QUATRA 1000 Active DAS Hybrid

The Nextivity solution allowed the modules to connect to the cloud via a cellular signal at the final testing station – allowing products to pass through the last station.

Case Study
Improved Cellular Coverage Enables Increased Productivity and Peace of Mind in Pharma Warehouses

Ten pharma warehouses in Australia, housing more than 17,000 products lines for 540+ manufacturing partners, needed to solve coverage challenges caused by thick concrete construction materials that blocked cellular signals.

CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Booster

The Nextivity solution successfully provided reliable signal to all areas. Productivity was dramatically improved as was health and safety. The office manager and staff can make and receive calls and communication with delivery drivers and other external partners is simplified.

Let's Connect!

Get in touch with a Nextivity expert and let ‘s discuss building a connectivity core that will serve you well now and into the future. Whether your’re jumping into Industry 4.0 today, or preparing for the right time, we can help make sure your network infrastructure is ready when you are.

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