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Monitor, manage, and control
CEL-FI systems remotely.

Remote Management Platform

The CEL-FI WAVE Portal is a web-based platform that provides installers, distributors, network operators, and authorized users the ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control CEL-FI systems. This means you don’t have to be on-site to commission or troubleshoot systems and is, therefore, a huge cost and time-saving benefit of the CEL-FI ecosystem.

The WAVE Portal offers carrier-grade security and is accessible from any web browser or device. Users can organize their deployments, commission new systems, view real-time system performance, adjust alarm policies and notification settings, update software, manage users, and much more. Used in conjunction with the WAVE PRO app and COMPASS handheld scanner, the Portal enables site surveys for cellular and public safety signal levels.

WAVE Portal Features

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Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible from any web browser on any computer or mobile device around the world.

Notifications and Policies

Establish alert policies for text, email, and dashboard notifications.

System Management

CEL-FI QUATRA commissioning, optimization, and software updates

Remote Monitoring

View system status and real-time performance data.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface to quickly access Cel-Fi systems and make adjustments.

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Carrier-grade security to keep your systems and data secure.


The WAVE Portal streamlines the commissioning process for new CEL-FI QUATRA systems. Once the new system is installed, powered on, and connected to the Internet, the Portal will automatically detect it and will bring the system online and relaying. Locate the QUATRA under ‘New Systems’ and follow the guided steps to commission the system.

System Optimization

Constantly gathering information on a connected CEL-FI system, the WAVE Portal provides performance data on every system component. If a component is not operating at peak level, the platform provides a warning indicator with a brief explanation on ways to optimize.

System Status and Notifications

Because the WAVE Portal is actively communicating with networked CEL-FI systems, users can log into the platform and check real-time system status and tech data. In addition to providing detailed system performance reports, the WAVE Portal allows users to customize notification and policy parameters. Users can select from a wide range of notification criteria, who is notified, as well as how they receive those alerts (text, email, or dashboard notifications).

Software Updates

CEL-FI products maintain industry-leading performance and deliver new features (such as the release of 5G) via occasional software updates. When a CEL-FI QUATRA system is connected to the Internet, the WAVE Portal makes it easy to maintain the system and ensure latest software is running for peak performance. Authorized users can select to have syatems update automatically, as needed, or initiate updates manually.

Manage Users and Groups

The WAVE Portal offers three selectable and assignable roles — Administrator, User, and Read-Only User — each with differing levels of access and privileges. In addition to managing WAVE Portal policies and notifications for individuals or groups, this can be helpful for installers who need to reassign responsibilities to clients once CEL-FI systems are up and running.

Site Surveys

The Portal includes a full Site Survey feature which allows users to do before-and-after signal comparisons and generate Public Safety reports. Used in conjunction with the WAVE PRO app and COMPASS handheld scanner.

CEL-FI WAVE Portal is certified by Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 for Security and Availability. Learn more.

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Get Support

If you have further questions, check out our Support page for more details. The Portal also includes a full help section on how to use each feature.