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Products No Longer Manufactured

This page contains links to product pages for all Nextivity products that are no longer in production – meaning we are not manufacturing any more new products. Products on this page are organized into four categories – each denoting a different stage in the product lifecycle. While we support our products throughout their usable life, it is necessary to obsolete products when cellular technology advances and the products are incompatible with operator networks.

Available for Purchase

These products are no longer manufactured but new units are available for purchase from an authorized Nextivity partner. The products in this category are sold as new, fully supported – including software upgrades, and all warranties are valid.

Warranty Expired, Not Available

These products are no longer manufactured or sold as new. They may still work as long as the network technology is compatible.

Not Supported

These products are obsolete and not supported. We recommend against purchasing them used as cellular technology may have advanced beyond their capabilities and software updates are no longer provided. They may not function on modern cellular networks and cannot be updated.