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CEL-FI Wideband MIMO Panel Antenna

The CEL-FI MIMO Panel Antenna is the only authorized indoor/outdoor antenna for CEL-FI QUATRA.

CEL-FI AntennaBoost integrates the CEL-FI MIMO Panel Antenna with the CEL-FI WAVE Platform to provide the best donor signal in the industry. The antenna connects to the CEL-FI QUATRA Network Unit or Coverage Unit with QMA (quick connect) cables. Nextivity’s proprietary 8-position dial base enables the antenna to be rotated in 45-degree increments for best performance, managed with real-time data from the CEL-FI WAVE Platform Antenna Position Test.

  • MIMO (LTE)
  • Dual polarization (vertical/horizontal) design
  • QMA-M quick release connector (-100) or N-F (-101)
  • Wideband coverage (700 – 2700MHz)
  • Low VSWR
  • Aesthetically pleasing, low profile housing
Model Numbers: 

_ A52-X12-100 (QMA Male)
_ A52-X12-101 (N-Female )

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