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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

Residential Buildings

Apartments and Condos • Dorms • Senior Living • Group Homes

Connectivity is Now the Fourth Utility

One of the key lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is how important connectivity is to people at home. In 2020, connectivity became top-of-mind for more than just those with home offices – it was now necessary for everything from ordering groceries to visiting with a doctor. Read any guide to apartment hunting and it will tell you to check the cellular on your device from every room while on your tour. Now that residents expect network access, facility managers are challenged by the array of available options – why not simply bring all the major operators’ cellular signals inside? Cellular connectivity is secure, seamless, doesn’t require IT resources to manage, and log-ins aren’t required as residents move throughout the site.

Mobile operators have spent billions of dollars building fast, reliable networks. Bring the power of those macro networks inside your building.

Improve Home Life for Residents, Offer More Services, and Make Your Building Smarter

  • Seamless connectivity throughout property so calls don’t drop as people are moving around
  • Network voice and data access for maintenance workers and contractors without having to log onto Wi-Fi
  • Improved safety in remote areas or for people who live alone
  • Reliable signal for mass alerts should an emergency arise
  • Improved access to online resident services, increasing adoption rates and usage
  • Reduced load on building IT resources and network infrastructure, especially during peak times
  • Cellular connectivity for Smart Building sensors and apps
  • EV chargers, kiosks, vending machines

Residents Need Cellular Coverage

Keeping touch with family and friends digitally is an everyday thing for many families and lifeline for those living apart from them.

Important meetings and appointments can now happen virtually. Having secure, reliable connectivity for residents and their guests reduces stress and ensures access.

Work-from-home and hybrid jobs are common. Office workers often need to connect multiple devices at once, and with Wi-Fi reliability issues, cellular backup and hotspot access is a must.

Safety starts with connectivity. Staying connected means residents have access to 9-1-1 and other services they may need, no matter where they are on the property.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our experienced partners work with Offices and Commercial Real Estate to quickly deploy secure cellular connectivity solutions.

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Note: Nextivity does not sell to indiviual consumers. For an individual home or apartment, find an authorized reseller to purchase a self-install signal booster.