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Mobile Cellular
Coverage Solution

Regions: Rest of World (APAC, EMEA, and Oceania)
Bands: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 26, 28L

Perfect for nomadic applications, CEL-FI ROAM R41 is a plug-and-play cellular coverage solution that keeps people connected on the water or road. Whether you’re making calls during your cross-country road trip, streaming music on your weekend boating adventures, or have a fleet that requires cellular connectivity, ROAM R41 ensures you have reliable voice and data in transit. Suitable replacement for GO G31 and GO G32 (mobile systems).

Cellular Coverage Anywhere Life Takes You

Improve Your Coverage in Minutes

With enterprise-grade performance and its easy-to-install design, CEL-FI ROAM R41 can be set up, powered on, and improve cellular connectivity in no time. Whether you’re in a car, truck, RV, or boat, ROAM R41 will keep you connected when you’re on the move.

The system’s low-profile design allows you to install it discretely under any seat, while its rugged frame offers trusted durability, so people and crews can keep their connection – improving productivity and safety.

Choose Your Carrier

ROAM R41 is compatible with a wide range of bands to give you peace of mind that the system will boost your carrier’s signal. And if your friends or family use a different mobile network operator, through the Nextivity WAVE App you can easily switch what carrier to boost depending on location and coverage challenges.

Unmatched Performance

Equipped with the latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip, ROAM R41 features the same technology that is used in our enterprise cellular coverage solutions. This gives you industry-leading signal gain that ensures you can always make a call, send a text, listen to music, or stay on the right route while in your car or boat.

About the CEL-FI ROAM R41


Mobile Cellular Coverage Solution

The CEL-FI ROAM R41 mobile cellular coverage solution delivers reliable 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity inside cars and boats, including fleet vehicles. With the latest Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip, ROAM R41 offers enterprise-grade performance to solve poor coverage and enable dependable calling, texting, and streaming on the move. The system features plug-and-play operation for quick and easy set up, improving connectivity in any car, truck, RV, or boat within minutes. ROAM R41 also supports carrier switching through the Nextivity WAVE App for iOS and Android devices.

Features and benefits include:

  • Deploy the unit anywhere in the network, with full frequency coverage
  • Latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip delivers channelized coverage for specific mobile network operator signals
  • Support for 3G, 4G, and 5G dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS)
  • Ease of installation with plug-and-play operation


BandsDownlink (MHz)Uplink (MHz)Max. Relay BW (MHz)

Power Supply

Power Consumption (W) max.18
Input Voltage (VDC max.)12
Input Current (A max.)1.5
Power Supply PlugAutomobile Auxiliary Power
Power Supply Cable18 AWG
Power Supply Cable Length (ft (m))16.3 (5)
Operating Temperature (°F (°C))32 to 140 (0 to 60)
Storage Temperature (°F (°C))-31 to 158 (-35 to 70)
Heat DissipationPassive Convection
Surface Temperature (°F (°C)) max. at ambient111.2 (44)
Non-condensing Humidity0 to 95%
Ingress Protection RatingIPX0

Get Connected!

Nextivity engineers our solutions from the ground up to ensure your project is hassle-free. Plug in CEL-FI ROAM R41, power it on, and experience improved cellular connectivity within minutes.

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