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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

Guaranteed network-safe cellular coverage solutions.

80% of Cell Phone Use is Indoors

Is your network everywhere it needs to be?

200+ Networks
100+ Countries
Zero Network Impact

Nextivity CEL-FI coverage solutions are guaranteed network-safe due to the proprietary technology in our IntelliBoost chip. Our systems are unique and offer the best performance in the industry because they:

  • Are channelized, not wideband boosters
  • Are intelligent with advanced features
  • Self-optimize
  • Provide echo cancellation (Digital ICS repeaters)
  • Eliminate noise

Read more about our 4th generation IntelliBoost technology

We Want You to Test Our Equipment!

Operator collaboration is key to continuous improvement.
Nextivity technology relies on our our strong relationships within the MNO community to continue to deliver leading coverage solutions worldwide. We welcome the opportunity to show you why we are the most accepted signal booster on the planet by demonstrating the features built into CEL-FI products that keep your network safe while delivering strong, high-quality signals indoors.

We invite you to use the form below to contact our technical team with questions, request a technology review, or schedule product testing. We are at our best working side-by-side with you in the lab to solve modern coverage issues with sophisticated, intelligent components, system designs, and deployments. See what makes Nextivity Smarter by Design.

Modernizing Your Network? No Problem, We'll Keep Up.

As bands and channels are reassigned and 2G and 3G are phased out to make way for low and mid-band 5G, Nextivity systems are ready. With the built-in capability to handle 5G amplification with just a remote software update, the systems we make today will continue to work long into the future. Please reach out if you would like to know more about how we are futureproofing Nextivity solutions.

Solutions for Spaces Big and Small

Safe - Scalable - Flexible

Nextivity has a full range of intelligent, network-safe coverage solutions for indoor spaces from 5,000 to 600,000 sq. ft. (~50,000+ sq. m.) to more than 1M sq. ft in open warehouses and datacenters.

Our mobile solutions include High Power User Equipment (HPUE) in the U.S. and self-install consumer products in other regions.

Please see our Product Listings for a complete view of the Nextivity global portfolio, including bands covered by each model.

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