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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

Private Networking

Scalable, low-risk, OpEx private network-as-a-service (NaaS) to support IoT applications.

Our private networking solution is currently available in the U.S. only.

Industry 4.0 is Here... Don't Get Left Behind

Within industries, companies with a higher level of digital transformation are up to 5.4 times more productive than the laggards.

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, brings a great deal of both promise and peril. With the previous industrial revolution introducing automation, computers, and electronics into the manufacturing environment, Industry 4.0 is characterized by connectivity – connectivity that allows the Physical, Digital, and Virtual worlds to meet. For enterprises, this intersection brings boundless opportunity but also a heavy burden to invest now or be left behind.

At Nextivity, we have the technology and know-how to partner with enterprises of all sizes to establish the connectivity core needed to allow the Physical, Digital, and Virtual worlds to work together.

Industry 4.0 Overview

Four Pillars of an Enterprise Wireless Strategy

Start with a Comprehensive Wireless Strategy

Every enterprise needs a wireless strategy that addresses the four main components of (wireless) network infrastructure: Wi-Fi, public cellular, private cellular, and IoT connectivity. With proper planning around each of these elements, companies can build a robust connectivity core that is both manageable and scalable for the future.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Our cellular expertise allows you to focus on business goals.

Nextivity will work with you to leverage the assets you have in place (including legacy DAS and small cells as well as the macro cellular network) to efficiently build the connectivity core you need to take your business into the future. Our approach is to keep things simple, scalable, and low risk. We believe this is best accomplished by everyone focusing where they add the most value.

Your IT pros are Wi-Fi experts, we’ll leave that to them. At Nextivity, we are cellular experts – leave that to us. We’ll deliver the scalable connectivity you need to quickly implement IoT / Industry 4.0 / Smart Building apps that impact your bottom line.

Our public cellular, private cellular, and private networking as a service (NaaS) solutions can be layered on to grow as your needs grow. Our OPEX model for private networking is designed for the middleprise as a low-cost, low-risk on-ramp for Industry 4.0 — a way to realize value quickly without a huge CAPEX project / expense that forces you to bet on a particular set of technologies.


One way to make the complex simple is to design and build purpose-driven solutions. The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c, used alone, or together with HARMONY NaaS is key to making your private networking solution low risk, affordable, and scalable.

First combined public and private cellular coverage solution. CBRS port for Private Networking can be activated at any time. Flexibility to use with HARMONY or your own private network solution.

OPEX low-risk private networking solution that is installed and fully owned/managed by Nextivity/Certified System Integrator for a low monthly fee. Utilizes CBRS port on CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c.

Why Cellular for Private Networking?

Private cellular network, Private LTE, Private 5G, CBRS… no matter what we call it, we’re talking about providing a secure, reliable, responsive network core designed to support IoT, Smart Building, and other business applications to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0.

With the number of connected devices likely to double by 2030 to more than 30B, there a number of benefits to using cellular for Private Networking IoT Applications.

First, by covering the premises with cellular connectivity, the people and devices have full access to the macro network – and all operator signals. This seamless connectivity is important during emergency situations for calling 9-1-1 and receiving mass notifications. In addition, cellular is more secure than Wi-Fi, doesn’t require a log-in, and won’t interfere with or slow down business operations taking place on the Wi-Fi network.

In a similar way, cellular is good for IoT due to security and seamless coverage throughout facility and out to parking areas, docks, and adjacent structures. And because the source is an off-air signal, the cost is relatively low and their is little risk in terms of technology / protocols. With the proliferation of devices comes a proliferation of protocols. Since many of the protocols need cellular anyway, the cost of cellular modems drives TCO.

  • Security
  • Cost
  • Complexity to manage

Take the First Step Toward Industry 4.0 with Nextivity

Reaping the benefits of IoT for your business is challenging. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we’re confident in our ability to provide you with robust connectivity and a low CAPEX network solution that won’t exhaust your resources. This frees you and your team up to focus on finding and implementing the app(s) with the most potential to propel your business forward. With Nextivity solutions, it won’t take years and you can build up your 4.0 capabilities without the pressure of having to show an ROI on a huge capital infrastructure project as fast as possible – which serves to increase the risk across-the-board.

Contact an Expert

Get in touch with a Nextivity Private Networking expert by filling out the form to the right. We are ready to talk no matter where you are in your Industry 4.0 journey. We’re happy to show you where we might add value, and if we’re not the right partner, we’ll tell you that too.

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