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Advanced features and functionality to support IoT networks and AI-driven applications.

First Combined Public and Private Wireless Connectivity Solution

The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c is key to the implementation of advanced wireless connectivity solutions that deliver low-cost private networking and IoT capabilities. It’s at the core of a flexible, scalable ecosystem designed to efficiently and effectively utilize existing network infrastructure to meet future challenges.

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Smart Cellular Coverage

The QUATRA 4000c Network Unit (NU) connects to donor antennas for all carriers, boosts their signals to the highest levels possible, and distributes those signals through Coverage Units (CUs). The unit is powered by an IntelliBoost® chip and drives a solution that offers the best coverage at the lowest cost per sq. ft. The technology in the QUATRA 4000c is trusted by operators across 200 networks in more than 100 countries.

CBRS Private Networking

Equipped with a private cellular port, the QUATRA 4000c can deliver a reliable private networking signal to every corner of a building. This ability becomes the foundation for the implementation of a Connectivity Core, upon which an IoT Network can be deployed. HARMONY Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS), the low-cost OpEx private network offering from Nextivity, features the QUATRA 4000c.

Smart Server Antenna Support

The Nextivity Smart Server Antenna is a patent-protected AI-driven antenna that can be equipped to function as an IoT sensor device. These smart antennas use the QUATRA 4000c to deliver safety, environmental, and other data to the network.

Gunshot Detection

The capabilities of the QUATRA 4000c have been expanded to include gunshot detection and location capabilities. These capabilities are implemented as part of the Nextivity HARMONY Gunshot Detection Service and require use of a specialized Smart Server Antenna. The QUATRA 4000c helps provide actionable information from inside the building to the emergency management platform.

Support for Extended Range and More Coverage Units

The QUATRA 4000c and all its functionality is scalable and expandable. Using a CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c Fiber Hub, one NU can support up to 12 CUs, (vs. 6 CUs without the Hub). Using copper and/or fiber range extenders in system designs allows for extended distances between components – up to 2 km with the CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders. This cuts down on implementation costs, while taking full advantage of the power of Nextivity systems.

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