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IntelliBoost Technology

The Making of Nextivity Smart Coverage Solutions

IntelliBoost® describes the collection of knowledge, technology, features, and functions that set Nextivity products apart from “dumb” repeaters. IntelliBoost is what makes Nextivity Active DAS Hybrid solutions, commonly referred to as repeaters or signal boosters, smart. Nextivity makes “smart” repeaters or “smart” off-air signal boosters because of IntelliBoost. IntelliBoost technology is incorporated in both our CEL-FI cellular and SHIELD public safely product offerings. In CEL-FI products, the technology is built into a chip, while SHIELD products get their smart features through software.

IntelliBoost is inclusive of multiple patented designs and processes, trade secrets, industry experience, and knowledge built up over years. It is unique to Nextivity and unmatched in the industry, despite any such claims.

The performance improvements and other practical benefits of IntelliBoost technology, such as protecting the network, have been tested, certified, and well-documented. Nextivity solutions are unconditionally network safe and used by more than 200 mobile network operators (MNOs) in more than 100 countries across the globe. There are several countries around the world where Nextivity offers the only legal repeater solution per local regulations. This special authorization is due to IntelliBoost technology protecting the network in a way other repeaters cannot.

IntelliBoost Benefits
IntelliBoost technology allows Nextivity to offer our unconditionally network safe guarantee and the ability to deliver connectivity that rivals much more expensive legacy DAS. The real-time signal processing is what helps us deliver on our promises, including:

Cellular Coverage Solutions

  • Biggest gain at lowest cost
  • No increase of noise levels at the base station
  • Equalization of signals from sources of varying strengths
  • Maximized coverage power per channel
  • Echo cancellation
  • Antenna monitoring (with Active Server Antennas)

Public Safety ERCES

  • No Noise Guarantee
  • Talk-Out Guarantee
  • Unparalleled real-time Talk-In / Talk-Out performance
  • Automatic adjustment of Uplink Transmission Power
  • Industry’s most robust solution to combat Near-Far Effect
  • Antenna monitoring (with Active Server Antennas)

IntelliBoost Chip
Nextivity designs our own chips, holding numerous patents that protect our proprietary technology. Our 4th generation IntelliBoost chip went into production units in 2021. We are constantly improving our performance, adding to our feature set, and working to lower costs. Our team is hard at work on the 5th generation IntelliBoost chip, which will be the industry’s most powerful signal booster processor ever.

IntelliBoost Technology Boosts Performance
The smart, real-time processing built into the proprietary chips used in Nextivity CEL-FI cellular coverage solutions enables our products to bring strong, reliable cellular signals indoors with performance comparable to that of costly legacy DAS, which can take up to 50x longer to install (one week vs. one year).

IntelliBoost is a unique and key technology that helps Nextivity bring the power of the macro network – the one the MNOs have spent billions of dollars on – inside the building.