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Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

Reliable Cellular Coverage Inside Commercial, Industrial, and Public Buildings

In today’s world, we expect cellular coverage in publicly accessible buildings as much electricity and water. Poor service or ‘zero bars’ in any part of a building can disrupt business, raise stress levels, and limit access to information and emergency services.

Solutions for Where you Work

Most modern buildings have cellular coverage gaps.

These gaps are a drag on people and your bottom line.

Cell Tower Proximity
Cell signals diminish over long distances

Exterior Obstructions
Mountains, weather, trees, buildings

The Building Itself
Construction materials, bricks, concrete, metal, LEED certified glass, interior walls and furnishings

There are several factors that can impact signal strength by the time it reaches you. Consider the amount of time people in your building(s) spend locating a reliable signal, running outside to get service, or sitting in their car to make a call. Not being connected can raise stress levels, reduce productivity, and slow transactions. While Wi-Fi can help, it’s not a substitute. You need both.

Nextivity in-building CEL-FI cellular solutions bring the power of 3G, 4G, and 5G networks inside.

A strong, reliable, cellular signal throughout your facility benefits people and operations:

Stay Connected
Keeping employees, customers, and visitors connected to family and able to take care of business

Making it easy and convenient for customers to access coupons, menus, apps, and other information to enhance their experience or help a service provider (e.g., doctor)

Enhancing security by enabling everyone to reach emergency services if needed, while greatly reducing the risk of a data breach via Wi-Fi

Nextivity Boosts Signals with Proprietary, Network Safe, Active DAS Hybrid Solutions

More Effective than “Dumb” Repeaters, Faster to Install and Less Costly than Legacy DAS

Full Coverage for Buildings of any Size

Nextivity CEL-FI QUATRA systems provide flexibility in deployment. Using a combination of Network Units, Coverage Units, hubs, extenders, and antennas, we can cover as little or as much as you need.

Remote System Monitoring and Optimization

Most system management and adjustment is done remotely. No scheduling appointments and waiting for someone to show up.

Nextivity Boosters aren’t “Dumb” Repeaters

Unlike bargain repeaters, CEL-FI QUATRA systems have the IntelliBoost® chip we designed ourselves that cleans up and strengthens the signals – giving you the best coverage possible for all carriers.

Stories from Around the World

Thank you to customers and partners who shares their experiences with deploying and using Nextivity solutions.

Case Study

School District Elevates Cellular Connectivity to Ensure Safety for Staff and Students

Reliable cellular coverage enabled students and staff across the district’s elementary, middle, and high school to call 9-1-1 at any time and in any location inside the buildings. 

Case Study

Grocery Store Chain Improves Customer Satisfaction with Reliable Cellular Connectivity
From connectivity for customers to call or text in the aisles to ensuring employee safety and backup checkout devices, the chain equipped hundreds of stores with dependable coverage.

Case Study

Manhattan High-Rise Hotel Solves Coverage Challenges, Enabling 4 and 5 Bars for Guests
Treating their visitors to dependable connectivity for calling, texting, and data, the 37-story hotel equipped its building with reliable coverage for all the major network carriers.

Let’s Get Started!

Nextivity engineers our solutions from the ground up to ensure your project is hassle-free. From spec to design to installation and maintenance, we’ve thought of everything. Our customers are amazed how quickly we are in and out.

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