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Public Safety Solutions

Reliable LMR and FirstNet Coverage for Critical Communications

Seamless connectivity is essential to first responders and the organizations that support them. Understanding the complexity of the communications infrastructure that serves this unique community, Nextivity is focused on providing easy-to-use, effective, coverage solutions.

Explore Nextivity SHIELD for Public Safety

In-Building Public Safety

(Call Out, Mass Notification)

In-Building Code Compliance​


Connectivity for Life-Saving and Other Essential Communications

featuring HPUE MegaRange Technology

360° Support for Critical Communications

Public Safety Starts with a 9-1-1 Call

Dispatch Help
(HPUE / Cellular)

Report Incident
9-1-1 (Cellular)

Respond to Scene

Report Incident
9-1-1 (Cellular)

In-Building Response


Notify Community
Text (Cellular)

Coordinate Care
(HPUE / Cellular)

In-Building Public Safety to Report Incidents

  • Emergency Calls and Texts (9-1-1) with Location Accuracy
  • Mass Notifications

In-Building Code Compliance to Support Emergency Responders

  • AHJ / Code Compliance to Meet Local Certificate of Occupancy (CoO) Requirements

High Power, Critical Use Cellular Connectivity

  • Enable Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Coordinate Response
  • Enhance Cellular Coverage in Dense Urban Areas
  • Disaster Response
  • Military Operations
  • Shore Patrol
  • Telehealth
  • Portable Data Networks
  • Utilities SCADA

Proprietary Technology = Real World Advantages

It’s part of our DNA here at Nextivity to make the difficult easy. We also don’t put products into the marketplace unless we have something unique and of value to offer. Nextivity SHIELD solutions are no different. Here are some of the biggest benefits our customers enjoy:

IntelliBoost technology brings reliable public safety and cellular connectivity to every part of a building
We design unconditionally network-safe, echo and noise-free channelized signal amplification. We have the industry’s more robust solution to combat the Near-Far Effect (we can hear it all).
High Power User Equipment (HPUE) delivers critical connectivity when it matters most

As world leaders in HPUE, we enjoy customer ride-along stories that prove our technology delivers 6x the power of standard solutions. We bring cell signals to remote and shielded areas, increasing safety and coordination.

Software tools and tests support fast, accurate configuration

We’ve surprised more than a few AHJs with our WAVE application. By speeding up system deployment and optimization, WAVE brings new and existing buildings into compliance in record time.

MegaRange™ HPUE Technology for FirstNet® Community

Gain FirstNet Coverage Beyond Range of Today’s Standard Equipment

The range for cellular LTE/FirstNet coverage is typically limited by uplink power.

By design, downlink power from the cell site is much greater than the uplink power from the user

6x the Power of Standard Equipment

Our patented technology, exclusive to FirstNet and exclusively provided by Nextivity, remedies this imbalance by delivering 6x the power of standard equipment. HPUE is defined by the international standards body 3GPP as Power Class 1, which are the most powerful devices allowed under 3GPP standards

Our Partners are Equipped with the Best Tools in the Industry

Nextivity WAVE Portal

​ Self-Configuration, Remote System Monitoring and System Optimization with Nextivity WAVE software​ ​

Nextivity COMPASS XR

​The Nextivity COMPASS XR all-in-one site survey and grid testing tool for cellular and public safety coverage helps installers deploy, optimize, and verify SHIELD and CEL-FI systems – ensuring required coverage is achieved.

See How our Customers Connect with Nextivity

Learn how Nextivity and our expert partners work to quickly implement game-changing public safety solutions.

Case Study

Public Safety Communications Sees Major Advancements for Manufacturing with SHEILD EXTEND
State-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturing facilities ranging in size from 200,000 to 600,000 square feet meet fire safety code requirements in remote location.

Case Study

Nextivity Enables Cellular in Mobile Military Applications
Portable booster kit to delivers cellular coverage and converts cellular signal into Wi-Fi hotspots for emergency, training, and simulation situations. Nextivity solutions provide strong wireless signals to Drones and other tools.

Case Study

Improving Communication and Response Time for City of Denton First Responders
New energy-efficient building was blocked cellular signal inside. Nextivity products quickly solved the signal issues. The entire installation took one day, with three installers on the job.

Let’s Get Started!

Nextivity engineers our solutions from the ground up to ensure your project is hassle-free. From spec to design to installation and maintenance, we’ve thought of everything. Our customers are amazed how quickly we are in and out.

Read more about why we are Smarter by Design.

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