CEL-FI GO Enables Cellular in Mobile Military Applications



  • Military group required a portable booster kit to deliver cellular coverage and convert cellular signal into Wi-Fi hotspots for emergency, training, and simulation situations.
  • Drones and other tools depend on strong wireless internet signals, so reliable cellular connectivity that supported the Wi-Fi was critical for the devices’ performance.
  • The solution needed to be highly portable, have a compact footprint, be easy to use, and not interfere with existing antennas or frequencies.


  • CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Booster via the MPA (My Portable Amplifier) Kit


  • After powering on, CEL-FI GO quickly delivered a strong cellular signal that was converted into a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot by the Portable Data Network (PDN Kit).
  • All the cellular and Wi-Fi-enabled devices utilized the consistent cellular and wireless internet signals to operate at peak performance.
  • The solution is not only compact enough to fit in the back of a vehicle and can be easily transported, but the signal does not interfere with any communication systems.

The Challenge

Emergencies are unpredictable. Military personnel never know when their number will be called. Moreover, many servicemen and women rely on portable cellular and Wi-Fi-enabled devices to perform their responsibilities whenever and wherever. However, access to strong cellular or internet connections is never guaranteed. There are many factors that cause poor cellular reception, especially in rural areas and densely populated cities.

For instance, proximity to cell towers and signal blockage by mountains, structures, and thick walls can negatively impact cellular connectivity. This is problematic for those who rely on cellular-enabled equipment, which a military group in California experienced firsthand. Therefore, the organization needed portable solutions that deliver reliable cellular and Wi-Fi signals at any moment.

The Solution

To improve connectivity in the field, Texas-based integrator Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) recommended the CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Booster with the IP67-rated MPA and PDN kits. GO features Nexitivity’s award-winning IntelliBoost signal processing to deliver class-leading cellular coverage. Above all, GO offers powerful signal gain of up to 100 dB for voice and data, making it the heart of the solution.

Powered by either AC or DC power, the MPA uses GO’s output to deliver a fast and reliable cellular signal to the PDN. From there, the PDN uses that cellular signal to create a Wi-Fi network. Uniquely, the system features an embedded CEL-FI server antenna and is compatible with many directional donor antennas. Furthermore, this allows public safety groups to choose the perfect antenna combination for any setting.  Plus, users can set up the system in minutes and transport it in the back of any vehicle.

“The reason why we’re using the MPA and PDN cases is simply for the ruggedness,” said Darren Basch of INS. “The whole idea to have something weather worthy. Once you set up the system, you can actually close the cases that hold the antennas and CEL-FI GO unit. If it’s raining or snowing, it’s fine. This type of technology will hold up and perform.”

The Result

The serviceman achieved reliable cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity within minutes of powering on the CEL-FI GO solution. After GO provided the cellular signal, the PDN seamlessly converted it into a strong internet hotspot. That allowed the military group to use drones and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. In addition to unmatched performance, the system offered many more benefits. It is easy to use, compact, and does not interfere with existing communication systems. Moreover, the solution also offers enhanced voice and data performance for cellular devices. Plus, military personnel can store the compact solution in the back of any vehicle. In conclusion, now the military group is always prepared for emergencies, simulations, or training situations.

“The CEL-FI GO has always been a product we’ve been very successful with, especially in regard to mobility cell boosters. It’s more rugged than any of the boosters that we use. It’s very smartly made, durable, and a tough piece of equipment, which were the qualifications in this solution,” Basch said. “Being that first responders, emergency managers, and public safety personnel are the ones using this product, it was very important that we started with the highest standards.”

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