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Cellular Coverage Solutions for:

Offices and Commercial Real Estate

Ramp up productivty, increase occupancy rates, and support Smart Building Apps with reliable service, from all major carriers.

U.S. customers looking for Public Safety solutions or help obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy? Nextivity has you covered.

Modern Buildings Need Constant Connectivity

Many of the tools employees, staff, vendors, and contractors use regularly need to send and receive data throughout the day. Two-factor authentication via cell phone apps is a common security practice in many offices now.

Billions of $$ have been spent by MNOs on the public macro network. Why not take advantage of all that technology inside your building?

Whether managing access points or giving occupants peace of mind, wall-to-wall cellular coverage is a key part of any effective security plan.

Wireless "dead zones" are so 2000s. Smart people and smart buildings thrive when connected.

No matter what role you play in commercial real estate – architect, designer, contractor, consultant, property manager, owner, agent, staff, or tenant – wireless connectivity matters. It matters to you as a person on site who needs to talk to someone or download photos, plans, instructions, or call home. And it matters to your company and the health and safety of the building and its occupants. Wall-to-wall, basement-to-roof cellular coverage ensures:

  • Emergencies – from security breaches to water leaks – are reported ASAP
  • Smart Building sensors and apps are online
  • Productivity is not impacted by people searching for a signal or having to go outside
  • You can support tenants whose businesses rely on cell phone use
  • Maintenance crews, contractors, and other critical staff are able to get the information they need in a timely manner and get it right the first time
  • Security personnel and equipment are able to do their job and keep the property and people safe

Yes! Cellular and Wi-Fi

Every enterprise, and many large buildings are enterprises, needs a comprehensive wireless strategy that addresses four key components:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Public Cellular
  • Private Cellular (e.g., LTE)
  • IoT Connectivity / Low-Power Sensors

These components are not replacements for one another, but rather each serves a specific purpose. Bringing cellular coverage into a building doesn’t negate the need for Wi-Fi, but it does have the following advantages:

  • More reliable with fewer signal interruptions
  • Less interference and fewer network traffic issues, allowing you to take full advantage of the macro network
  • No need for anyone to log into multiple Wi-Fi networks as they move throughout the building or property – connectivity is seamless and uninterrupted
  • In an emergency, occupants will have access to multiple operator signals
  • Takes pressure off internal IT teams
  • More secure than Wi-Fi

Cost-Effective Coverage, Fast
No Operator Agreements

Not legacy DAS and not a dumb repeater, Nextivity Active DAS Hybrid solutions are intelligent coverage solutions that are approved for use by ~200 network operators in more than 100 countries. Because our solutions are guaranteed to not damage the networks whose signals we bring inside a building, we are allowed to boost those signals more than companies with standard repeater technology. We offer echo cancellation and less noise – for a stronger, clearer signal. That’s our IntelliBoost advantage.

Together, our expert partners and scalable solutions can deliver signals wherever they need to go.

Tall or short, big or small, one or a dozen… we can design a system for a dead zone, building, or entire site.

Different needs in different areas? Let us know. We have solutions perfect for lobbies, gyms, and other high-traffic areas.

Winning Together

Learn how Nextivity and our experienced partners work with Offices and Commercial Real Estate to quickly deploy secure cellular connectivity solutions.

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