The First Combined Public and Private Cellular Coverage Solution

Only available in the United States.
For Asia, EMEA and Oceania, see model 4000e

About QUATRA 4000c

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c is the market’s first neutral host active DAS hybrid cellular coverage solution with the convergence of private cellular. Combining the industry-leading cellular coverage that QUATRA systems are known for with CBRS private networking capabilities, QUATRA 4000c gives businesses the flexibility of expanding their wireless connectivity strategy to include a private network alongside reliable public cellular coverage. In addition to intelligent, multi-carrier signal boosting, QUATRA 4000c pairs perfectly with the Nextivity HARMONY Private Networking service to extend private networking coverage throughout the building.

Perfect for a wide range of enterprise environments, CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c offers industry-leading performance, ease of installation, and speed of deployment. The solution features category cable architecture, enabling installers to get systems up and running and improve in-building cellular coverage within days (compared to months of traditional DAS). From ensuring reliable calling, texting, and data streaming to providing the option of adding a private network, QUATRA 4000c allows businesses to solve connectivity challenges and be Industry 4.0 ready.

Converged Neutral Host Cellular and
CBRS Private Networking Coverage Solution
All Digital
Active DAS Hybrid
Lossless RF Signal and PoE Distribution with Category Cable Architecture
Off-Air or SuperCell Mode
with Fiber Expansion
Network Safe and Carrier Approved
with No Noise Guarantee
Remote Monitoring and
Management via WAVE Platform

System Components

QUATRA 4000c Network Unit (NU)

The Network Unit (NU) is the hub of the system and features four donor ports: three operator-specific ports and one for a private networking signal source. The scalable design works with one to six Coverage Units to deliver public and private cellular coverage inside enterprise facilities.

  • Relays donor signal throughout system
  • Provides power to Coverage Units (up to six)
  • Connects via Ethernet or LTE Modem to the CEL-FI WAVE Platform for remote monitoring and management

Model Number:
_ › Q44-1M34CNU

QUATRA 4000c Coverage Unit (CU)

The Coverage Unit (CU) is the remote unit of the system that rebroadcasts the donor signal. The cost efficient and easy-to-deploy system leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE) for up to six CUs.

  • Provides coverage throughout facility (up to six per Network Unit)
  • Power delivered by Power over Ethernet from the Network Unit
  • Self-configuring and self-optimizing
  • Only compatible with CEL-FI QUATRA 4000c NU

Model Number:
_ › Q41-RECU

QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub

The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub expands the Network Unit capacity from six to up to twelve Coverage Units. The Fiber Hub can be installed 2.0 km (1.24 M) away from the NU to cover large spaces while maintaining the same signal quality throughout the system.

  • Donor source over fiber
  • FCC certified
  • SFP+ module not included​

Model Number:
_ › Q40-1234FNU​

WAVE Portal

Cel-FI WAVE Portal

The CEL-FI WAVE Portal is a cloud-based, remote management platform, that allows users/operators to manage and maintenance CEL-FI systems. The platform is mobile friendly which facilitates ease of use on site. Alerts and alarms can be used as configured out of the box or they can be customized however the owner or admin chooses.

The CEL-FI WAVE Portal Features of the platform include:

  • CEL-FI device and asset management
  • Data modeling and reporting
  • Mobile and computer applications
  • Globally trusted carrier-grade security
  • Users can access the WAVE Portal through the web interface, or integrate it via API’s.


Recommended Antennas

Tech Specs

Bands Supported
Bands Network Unit Port Downlink (MHz) Uplink (MHz) Technology/Bandwidth Uplink Power (dBm)
2 ATT, VZW, TMO 1930-1990 1850–1910 5G/4G/20 MHz 22
4 ATT, VZW, TMO 2110-2155 1710-1755 5G/4G/20 MHz 22
5 ATT only 869-894 824-849 5G/4G/HSPA/15 MHz 20
12 ATT & TMO 729-746 699-716 5G/4G/10 MHz 22
13 VZW only 746-756 777-787 5G/4G/10 MHz 22
25 ATT, VZW, TMO 1930-1995 1850-1915 5G/4G/20 MHz 22
30* ATT only 2350-2360 2305-2315 5G/4G/10 MHz 19
48** PVT only 3550-3700 3550-3700 5G/4G/10 MHz 22
71* TMO only 617-652 663-698 5G/4G/10 MHz 22

*Available only with Industrial upgrade via CEL-FI WAVE Portal.
** Available only with PVT port unlock. Contact your distributor.

Network Unit Dimensions
Coverage Unit Dimensions
Power (NU only)

External supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Network Unit provides power to Coverage Units over category cabling (PoE)


Operating temperature: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Max surface temperature: 111°F (44 °C) at ambient
Relative humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Convection Cooling

External Ports

Interface type: RJ45
CUs supported: 6
Cables per CU: 2

RF Port Connector: N-type (female)

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