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Nextivity Financing

Convert the Capital Expense of Installing a Nextivity Wireless Solution to a Monthly Operating Expense

Finance Your Wireless Coverage

Nextivity offers our customers the ability to finance their wireless coverage purchase. The program is backed by Nextivity and available through our expert partner network. Use the form below to tell us about your project, and we’ll connect you with a partner in your area.

Benefits to OpEx Financing

Converting the capital expense of wireless connectivity into a monthly operating expense offers a number of advantages for some customers, including:

  • Preserving capital funding for investment in the core business
  • Providing flexibility / allowing company to remain Agile by spreading expense over time
  • Moving wireless network ownership to a third party, which reduces dependence and the resource drain on internal IT team

What's Included in Financing Package?

OpEx financing through Nextivity and its partners includes:

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system
  • A break/fix agreement
  • Shifting of overall network responsibility to a third party

Which Projects Can Be Financed?

  • Financing can be arranged for projects of almost any size, type, or location
  • There is no minimum cost threshold – just what makes sense for your company

Get Started Today!

Tell us about your project and coverage needs, and we’ll get going on a design and OpEx financing quote.

Note: Not available in all areas.