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Nextivity LTE Modem

The Nextivity LTE Modem brings CEL-FI systems online for WAVE Portal remote management capabilities. Equipped with a CAT 4 LTE modem, the device offers high-speed data transfer rates for seamless system monitoring as well as performing software updates for CEL-FI systems installed in locations where local ISP LAN connectivity is not available. The LTE Modem is compatible with CEL-FI GO and CEL-FI QUATRA products and connects to the LAN port on a CEL-FI system via category cable.

Features and benefits include:

  • High-speed LTE CAT 4 modem for WAVE management of CEL-FI devices
  • WAN port for local ISP connection for redundancy with auto switchover
  • Single product for EMEA and APAC operator networks with respective operator SIM
  • Connect up to two CEL-FI devices with category cables by reconfiguring WAN port
  • Includes SIM-card-size adapter for flexibility to use with nano, micro and full size SIM

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