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Ceiling Mount Accessory

Model Number:  CMA-100-100

Nextivity’s ceiling mount accessory is the perfect solution to securely mount a QUATRA coverage unit (CU) on an indoor ceiling grid in plenum space whenever needed. This mounting bracket is designed for ease of use and is adjustable for standard ceiling tile sizes. It provides concealed ceiling mounting solutions for CUs in various indoor environments, including offices, schools, hotels, and retail spaces. The versatile accessory optimally supports both installing a single omnidirectional antenna for Active DAS in wide open areas and a multi-antenna Active DAS hybrid to provide coverage in multiple smaller wall-isolated areas using a single CU.

Features and benefits include:

  • Standardize on a single bracket to be available whenever needed at a site with wide compatibility with CEL-FI QUATRA 4000(i/c/e) and QUATRA EVO class of coverage units
  • Improved coverage unit installation concealment to allow strategic install location selection of CU as feasible and optimal for the site coverage.Compact form factor for aesthetically pleasing deployments
  • Easy installation with bracket adjusted for ceiling grid tile size of the site
  • Availability of mechanical features to flexibly allow positive reinforcement as local building regulations require.


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