Nextivity Announces 5G Rollout for CEL-FI Products as Carriers Upgrade their Networks

New and Existing CEL-FI QUATRA, CEL-FI SOLO, and CEL-FI GO G32 Models to receive over-the-air updates later this year, as carrier’s upgrade their existing network bands to 5G.

SAN DIEGO – March 10, 2020 – Nextivity Inc. today announced that three of its flagship offerings – CEL-FI QUATRACEL-FI SOLO, and CEL-FI GO (G32),  – will be 5G-ready in the second half of 2020, coinciding with timelines for global carriers to begin rolling out 5G services in their local markets. These CEL-FI in-building cellular coverage solutions will continue to function seamlessly as carriers refarm their networks from 3G and 4G/LTE to 5G as software upgrades will be made over-the-air (OTA) via CEL-FI WAVE, the software platform that activates, optimizes, and manages CEL-FI products.

The award-winning CEL-FI family of products provide reliable, ubiquitous cellular coverage, often in combination with other kinds of networks such as Private LTE, Wi-Fi, CBRS, and public safety. CEL-FI is guaranteed to be network-safe, which has been validated by increasing global carrier adoption over the last decade. CEL-FI is the coverage solution of choice for organizations in the healthcare, hospitality, government, education, retail, and transportation industries, among others, powering coverage in a variety of scenarios, from underground parking garages and hospital operating rooms to retail payment processing units and IoT sensors at oil drilling sites.

“We launched our 4G products when the networks had around 30% coverage in our markets, which proved to be a good entry point for us. We were early enough to catch the 4G wave but not so early that our equipment had to wait for the networks to catch up,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “The 5G ecosystem is still in its infancy. With few exceptions, most of the world is still trying to figure out how everything fits together – but when they do, we’ll be ready.”

Multiple variations of 5G are expected to roll out over the next several years, including standalone (SA) 5G, which does not rely on a 4G network to process and coordinate calls; and non-standalone (NSA) 5G, which relies on a 4G/LTE network to coordinate and manage 5G calls. In the NSA context, CEL-FI solutions would combine support for both 4G and 5G coverage. Regardless of bands and deployment approaches, the three flagship offerings under the CEL-FI brand will all be ready to deliver consistent and reliable in-building cellular coverage as 5G networks are established.

“Over the next 10 years, we could see mmWave 5G becoming a primary, in-building data network, with Wi-Fi as a secondary option,” explains Sievers. “Regardless of bands and deployment approaches, CEL-FI is the perfect platform for in-building signal distribution and is prepared to deliver consistent and reliable in-building cellular coverage as 5G networks are established.”

To learn more information on the latest advances in communication solutions and 5G-readiness, please download the white paper at In-Building Cellular: Matching User Experience Expectations with Technology Selection

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