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Nextivity Delivers Most Powerful Single- or Dual-Operator Active DAS Hybrid Cellular Coverage Solution with Release of CEL-FI QUATRA EVO

Systems feature Nextivity proprietary 4th generation IntelliBoost chip and offers unmatched performance, ease of installation, and flexibility among class of cellular coverage solutions

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 6, 2023 – Today, Nextivity – the industry leader in intelligent cellular coverage solutions – released the CEL-FI QUATRA EVO active DAS hybrid. A complement to the flagship CEL-QUATRA 4000 series, QUATRA EVO provides enterprises with Nextivity’s renowned flexibility and power to solve cellular coverage challenges for one or two mobile network operator (MNO) signals. In addition to expanding the CEL-FI QUATRA product line to include one, two, three, or four-operator solutions, QUATRA EVO features the latest Nextivity proprietary 4th generation IntelliBoost chip to provide the best echo cancellation, gain, and coverage footprint in a single- or dual-operator QUATRA system to date.

CEL-FI QUATRA EVO is ideal for a wide range of enterprise environments, including healthcare, retail, education, corporate offices, and much more. In addition to providing businesses with future-proof technology that will support MNO signals now and for years to come, QUATRA EVO offers the flexibility to customize operator band configurations depending on needs and applications. Enterprises can choose to improve cellular connectivity for four bands for a single operator or two bands each for two different operator networks simultaneously.

“Our first CEL-FI QUATRA systems were single- and dual-operator solutions, which paved the way for our multi-carrier and private networking active DAS hybrid systems,” said Nextivity CCO Stephen Kowal. “CEL-FI QUATRA EVO features the latest Nextivity technology and innovation to provide a new level of performance, ease of installation, and flexibility for customers and applications needing improved cellular connectivity for up to two MNO signals.”


  • Different model numbers with unique band configurations to support MNO signals globally
  • Flexibility to configure for single- or dual-operator applications
  • Reliable coverage for 4G and 5G with industry-leading signal gain up to 100 dB
  • Lossless RF signal and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) distribution with easy-to-install category cable architecture
  • Powered by the latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip, delivering industry-leading and unconditionally network safe performance
  • Ease of remote monitoring and management with Nextivity WAVE Portal and WAVE Pro App

CEL-FI QUATRA EVO is available to purchase through authorized Nextivity distribution and system integrator partners in EMEA and will be coming soon to other regions globally, including North America and APAC. For more information, visit