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Nextivity SHIELD SOLO Low-Power ERCES Recognized With 2023 Top Tier Product Award by Mission Critical

Award recognizes products that drive safe and efficient results for data centers and critical facilities

SAN DIEGO, CA – August 15, 2023 – Nextivity, the industry leader in intelligent cellular coverage solutions, today announced it has won the Mission Critical 2023 Top Tier Product Award in the miscellaneous category for its SHIELD SOLO half-watt public safety ERCES (emergency responder communication enhancement system). The award acknowledges the most cutting-edge products and innovative solutions that will drive the industry forward.

Traditionally, deploying an emergency communication system – which is legally required in many municipalities – is often a time-consuming and costly undertaking for building owners. Business leaders want a public safety communication solution that is cost-effective and can be installed as quickly and easily as possible. SHIELD SOLO revolutionizes the process for installing an ERCES by automating system settings and parameters that once required tedious testing and adjusting. With SHIELD SOLO, businesses can get an ERCES installed, receive Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) approval, attain their Certificate of Occupancy (CoO), and open their doors faster than with any other solution.

“We are honored to be recognized by Mission Critical for bringing new features to the low-power ERCES market,” said Stephen M. Kowal, CCO of Nextivity. “The system’s advanced capabilities are made possible with our proprietary IntelliBoost software. By automatically calculating and setting parameters such as uplink gain, isolation, and more, SHIELD SOLO offers the peace of mind to installers and business owners the system will pass AHJ testing the first time.”

In addition to accelerating installation timelines, SHIELD SOLO delivers uncompromising 700/800 MHz LMR with a no noise guarantee, cutting down interference for the overall network and ensuring first responders have connectivity they can count on. The system can be configured as Class A or Class B and offers extensive remote monitoring and management capabilities via the Nextivity WAVE Portal.

Learn more about SHIELD SOLO.