Will Connected Cars Become Smartphones on Wheels?



The connected car is an endless source of new developments. Every day there is some article or another talking about what’s new on the automotive front.

But here’s an article from Re/code entitled “Why Your Next Car is Likely to Have Its Own Cell Service” that caught our attention. The author puts forth the premise that while many new car models come with wireless services, over the longer term cellular connectivity might make the most sense for three reasons.

First, cellphone connections are needed in breakdowns and emergencies. (OnStar is a case in point.) Cellular connections can also send alerts, be used to slow down a stolen car, or send diagnostic information.

The author’s second argument? Cellphones are with people all the time, but not with their cars. Having cellular connectivity in the car however allows you to do things like check where your car is parked, monitor fuel or battery levels, and start your car remotely.

The third, and slightly more futuristic reason, cellular connectivity will help with autonomous/self-driving features by allowing cars to share data.

Auto makers are on board with GM adding 4G LTE to many of its models, while Ford is following suit for the 2017 Escape. Carriers are also in the fray, working with carmakers to offer add-on connection services to existing cars.

Of course the one caveat is that connections need to always be available. Given that’s our modus operandi with CEL-FI, we might be able to offer a suggestion or two.

So are you okay with adding car connection services to your mobile account? How much would you be willing pay?

By the CEL-FI Team


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