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IntelliRange: The Foundation for Nextivity High Power User Equipment (HPUE)

IntelliRange™ describes the collection of technologies, know-how, and capabilities that drive the performance of Nextivity HPUE products. Nextivity (Assured Wireless) launched the first commercially available and widely adopted 3GPP Power Class 1 device in January 2021, initially to support first responders. Since then, our technology and the market has grown to envelop critical communications of all kinds.

IntelliRange technology is only available in Nextivity HPUE products and solutions. When our customers see IntelliRange, they know:

  • They are getting coverage over a wider range with Nextivity smart solutions
  • The devices they purchase are legal, network safe, and built in cooperation with operators to assure efficacy
  • The products and solutions are backed by technology, patents, experience, and trade secrets that make it difficult for competitors to match our price-to-performance ratio (no matter the claims)

In the same way that IntelliBoost technology sets Nextivity products apart from products in the cellular coverage space, IntelliRange encompasses our unique value in the HPUE market. While we are proud of being first, it’s equally important to Nextivity to continue to deliver products with clear and practical performance advantages.

Key aspects of IntelliRange technology that make it difficult-to-impossible to imitate are:

  • Patent-protected architecture
  • Our demonstrated ability to implement devices that allow maximum power despite challenges such as:
    • Heat
    • RF performance (high power without signal distortion or de-sense)
    • RF emissions: keeping within standard while reaching power levels and enabling carrier aggregation while HPUE is running

This collection of knowledge and the experience to apply it properly is why Nextivity is first.

As part of the knowledge set and experience base that make Nextivity solutions “Smarter by Design”, we are continuing develop and deploy IntelliRange-based HPUE products for critical communications, both in the U.S and across the world.