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Nextivity Delivers In-Building RF Tools for System Integrator Efficiency and Profitability with CEL-FI Solutions

System integrators are an essential part of Nextivity’s ecosystem and are integral to the company delivering exceptional in-building cellular coverage. From high-rises, complexes, and multi-use buildings to multi-family dwellings and large homes, Nextivity’s cellular signal distributed antenna solutions for poor cellular coverage address each use case. Furthermore, Nextivity provides tools to system integrators that help make installations faster, easier, and reduce their cost of doing business.

RF walk tests don’t require prohibitively expensive equipment

Some system integrators think they need a high-end radio frequency (RF) scanner for accurate walk test readings. However, Nextivity offers software and equipment at a fraction of the cost to system integrators for performing these essential tests.

For instance, integrators can load the building floor plan into the mobile app for Nextivity’s CEL-FI WAVE cloud-based management platform. During a walk test, a technician records signal strength readings directly on the floor plan in the app. This is done with a simple tap of a button. The technician then takes the measurements using the CEL-FI COMPASS RF handheld scanner. COMPASS instantly transmits the measurements via Bluetooth to the app. The app then plots the measurements on the floor plan at the location taken. Later, the system integrator can generate a report of the walk test as a basis for the system design. Similarly, system integrators can prepare post-installation walk test reports to show signal improvement to their clients.

Eliminate the hit or miss finding the best antenna position

System integrators no longer need costly spectrum analyzers or RF engineering manhours to determine the best antenna positioning. When using CEL-FI COMPASS, the system integrator can also accomplish optimum antenna positioning much faster with considerably lower overhead.

“CEL-FI COMPASS makes determining antenna positioning simple,” according to Christopher Cisco, Senior Field Technician at Bearcom. “It provides multiple choices with a number from one through eight. You simply orient your antenna in a particular direction. COMPASS will then give you feedback on all the carrier cellular donor sites in that direction. This includes a full recommendation on what position is the best to point the antenna. The recommendation is based on criteria such as power signal level, quality of the signal, and signal to noise ratio.”

According to Cisco, “You don’t have to spend a lot more time on the roof with a spectrum analyzer to figure out the best location or the noise floor. It cuts out a lot of super intricate RF study and the hassle of bringing certain up analyzer equipment. CEL-FI COMPASS really streamlines the installation process.”

Turn jobs faster with better results

Equally important, CEL-FI COMPASS makes commissioning and installation markedly easier, according to Cisco.

“Using CEL-FI COMPASS you can dial in to the best RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power), best quality signal, and best signal-to-noise ratio. Unlike other systems, you’re not basing your commissioning steps on only an RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) level. You get a more in-depth understanding of the quality of signal and your signal-to-noise ratio. This enables you to get an optimal signal outside the building and recapture it inside,” Cisco explains.

Reduce those costly truck rolls

Maintenance contracts are another excellent revenue source for system integrators, but only when truck rolls don’t exceed the contract fees. Remote system management cuts overhead and accelerates service speed when a problem might arise. And CEL-FI WAVE delivers the remote management functionality system integrators need.

For example, Wytec International offers maintenance contracts to its clients when installing systems. This includes CEL-FI QUATRA active DAS hybrid installations at school complexes, health care facilities, and Class A commercial buildings.

“CEL-FI WAVE allows us to assess and analyze the performance and functionality of Coverage Units (service antennas) without truck rolls,” says Ken Riccini, Program Manager at Wytec. “That is the absolute beauty of having remote accessibility via the WAVE portal.”

In the same way, system integrators can deliver system upgrades online to their customers using CEL-FI WAVE. This includes the rollout of 5G band support.

System integrators are an extension of the Nextivity team

“Nextivity provides our system integrator partners with all the tools they need to solve their customers’ problems. From initial customer contact, through space evaluation, planning, design, commissioning, testing, and remote maintenance, our tools ensure easier, faster deployment. If you’re one of our partners, we’re committed to you and your success,” says Michiel Lotter, CEO of Nextivity.

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A version of this article was originally published by RCR Wireless News.