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Enterprise Cellular Coverage — Simplifying Complex Problems (Episode 4): The Big Picture for Digital Transformation

Beyond smartphone-specific use cases, cellular coverage inside buildings is key to unlocking the vast potential of the internet of things and deriving the value that flows from real-time, data-driven decision making. In the final episode of this limited podcast series, Nextivity Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Kowal reiterates why businesses need to invest in in-building cellular coverage, […]

Enterprise Cellular Coverage — Simplifying Complex Problems (Episode 3): A Deep Dive Into Vertical Markets

In the latest episode of this podcast series, Nextivity’s COO Stephen Kowal discusses how in-building cellular coverage underlines the digital transformation of key verticals. Beyond talk, text and data, cellular coverage supports a wide range of internet of things use cases that can drive meaningful change—and attendant business outcomes—in sectors like hospitality, retail, logistics and manufacturing. […]

Enterprise Cellular Coverage — Simplifying Complex Problems (Episode 1)

In this limited series presented in partnership between RCR Wireless News and Nextivity, we explore how in-building cellular coverage is a fundamental piece of enterprise digital transformation that is less costly and faster to deploy than most enterprises realize. In this episode, Nextivity Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Kowal discusses the current state of in-building cellular, […]

Nextivity Delivers In-Building RF Tools for System Integrator Efficiency and Profitability with CEL-FI Solutions

System integrators are an essential part of Nextivity’s ecosystem and are integral to the company delivering exceptional in-building cellular coverage. From high-rises, complexes, and multi-use buildings to multi-family dwellings and large homes, Nextivity’s cellular signal distributed antenna solutions for poor cellular coverage address each use case. Furthermore, Nextivity provides tools to system integrators that help […]

Carrier Partnerships are Key to Nextivity

Nextivity is committed to supporting important partnerships with carriers and has successfully completed the rigorous approval process for its CEL-FI line of in-building cellular coverage solutions by more than 200 carriers around the world. Since the launch of the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 multi-carrier active DAS hybrid in 2020, the solution has gained considerable traction. QUATRA […]