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Nextivity 4.0: 5G and Enterprise Growth the Focus for 2022

By: Michiel Lotter, CEO of Nextivity

There is a level of excitement and optimism brewing in the telecom space, especially around 5G and the massive potential it offers. We expect to see tremendous growth in the number of 5G networks installed and more widespread adoption of 5G applications. This will place a focus on 5G coverage in the in-building context, both for enterprise and consumer applications. We also expect to start seeing some applications move from proof-of-concept to commercial deployment.

Industry 4.0 using 5G is gaining momentum, as well. The groundwork is being laid in 2022 to prepare for an inflection point that is likely to occur in 2023. Part of that is a greater adoption of private networks. We see companies taking the first steps by adopting private LTE networks in a way that fits in with a roadmap to 5G at some point in the future.

The speed at which this groundwork is laid will depend a lot on OEMs making new technologies more accessible to end users. Steps need to be taken to simplify the acquisition and deployment of these new technologies to enable faster adoption.

Nextivity 4.0 Transformation: New Products, New Chipset, and New Tools

Nextivity’s innovative approach to wireless continues with 2022 being a transformative year. With 5G and Industry 4.0 leading the narrative of change in communication, CEL-FI products will continue to be part of this growing story. Last year we launched our 5G software upgrade for our existing products, enabling Sub-6GHz DSS and NR support. This year we will be announcing further expansion of our 5G product portfolio, which lays the foundation for us to partner with our customers as part of this transformation.

Nextivity’s unique approach to the market has always included investment in our silicon road map. This enables us to continue delivering the superior price performance that sets us apart from companies that use FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) technology. We are already actively working on our fifth generation Intelliboost chip, our most complex processor by far.

In 2022 we will continue to invest in our channel ecosystem for system integrators and resellers. Our goal is to provide our partners with the tools and knowledge they need to help them solve in-building wireless problems experienced by their customers – from the first contact to post installation. This includes rolling out a new system integrator training program this quarter, along with expanding our WAVE software platform and tools for planning, design, commissioning, testing, and remote maintenance – everything the integrator needs to deliver the best service to their end customers.

Expansion of Enterprise Cellular and In-building Public Safety

In 2021, there was considerable market expansion and adoption of our CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 line of multi-carrier active DAS hybrid solutions. Our QUATRA product family now covers more than 500 million square feet of building space in the U.S. and around the world. QUATRA provides reliable cellular coverage with industry leading price performance for enterprise, healthcare, manufacturing and warehouse, aviation, education, and multi-use buildings. In response to customer demand for cellular coverage in skyscrapers, multi-building campuses, and remote locations, we launched a QUATRA Fiber Extender that can be rapidly and easily installed at a price point not seen in any other solution for these types of facilities and locations.

We also expanded our portfolio of CEL-FI RED Public Safety ERCES (Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems) solutions. In addition to adding fiber range-extending and other advanced capabilities to our existing solutions, we introduced Shield Solo, a half-watt BDA ERCES in-building solution for buildings up to 250,000 sq ft.

Our premiere public safety communications product, the CEL-FI QUATRA RED Public Safety DAS ERCES System, was selected as “Safe Inside Product of the Year” by the Safer Building Coalition (SBC). QUATRA RED is the only ERCES solution to concurrently provide LMR (Land Mobile Radio) coverage and true carrier-grade, multi-band support for FirstNet. It is also the first and only solution in the market that can easily be scaled from a single donor BDA (bi-directional antenna) deployment at 1 or 2 watts to a full-blown (single donor) Fiber DAS (distributed antenna system) up to 6 watts.

Nextivity 4.0 will usher in the next generation of solutions for customers seeking Industry 4.0, 5G, and Public Safety communication innovation. CEL-FI products will continue to strive to be the best in performance for the industry, delivering on the promise of ease of installation and unconditional network safety. We have also made a promise to our thousands of partners across the globe to deliver the solutions that their markets need and the tools to make their job better. And one thing our partners and their customers can count on, is that we keep our promises.

About the author:

Michiel Lotter, PhD, is the CEO at Nextivity. As CEO, he directs the strategy and operations of Nextivity. Prior to being CEO, he was the CTO, where he steered the development and launch of four generations of chipsets and nearly a dozen industry-leading CEL-FI hardware and software product platforms for in-building / mobile applications. Prior to Nextivity, Dr. Lotter developed products for Broadcom, Zyray Wireless (co-founder), and Alcatel Altech Telecoms. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He has authored and co-authored a number of journal and conference papers, two books on wireless communications, and is the named inventor or co-inventor on 38 issued US patents.

A version of this article was originally published by RCR Wireless News.