CEL-FI News from Down Under



At Nextivity we take great pride in the hard work done on the part of our outstanding network of partners. They’re our eyes and ears for keeping us up to speed on what’s going on globally in the business of signal boosting. They’re also the bearers of some interesting end customer stories that reinforce the advantages that CEL-FI delivers, and come in very handy in our marketing efforts.

One of those partners is Powertec Telecommunications, a CEL-FI master distributor in Australia. They’ve been kind enough to share some unique case studies that showcase just how versatile CEL-FI can be in addressing end users’ and customers’ needs when it comes to indoor cellular coverage. Some of the stories we’ll be sharing in the weeks and months to come include a holiday theme park POS app, a car park installation, and a project where CEL-FI enabled coverage 80 kilometers away from the nearest base station!

Showcasing applications like these highlights how a little CEL-FI imagination can go a long way. So be sure to check back in for more details in the weeks to come.

Do you have a unique CEL-FI story of your own (or that of a customer) to share?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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