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What you Need to Know About Donor Antennas

A donor antenna is one that receives a signal from a carrier’s radio tower (the donor). It delivers this signal to in-building cellular solutions, and can be mounted externally or internally. Typically a trained professional will complete the installation, but new technology like CEL-FI’s Antenna Positioning tool has made installation possible by IT staff members. […]

CEL-FI GO Improves Cellular Signal Strength for WA Main Roads Employees

When it comes to remote regions, Australia has plenty of areas where cellular coverage is spotty at best. Take this story we received from Western Australian reseller Nurrunga Communications. The company’s customer, WA Main Roads, had a metal structure (building) known locally as a donga that was located near an intersection on the Great Southern […]

An Introduction to Our CellTeks Friends in Texas

Our partners are important members of the CEL-FI family, so we’re always more than happy to take a few moments to highlight the great work they’ve been doing. Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to CellTeks, a Boerne, Texas-based cellular solutions provider. Over the years, CellTeks has become the trusted source and recognized experts for […]

Powertec Puts CEL-FI to Work for Singapore Army Training Camp

Whenever we’re looking for a CEL-FI customer story, we can always trust our master distributor, Powertec Telecommunications in Australia to come up with something completely different. One of its latest case studies is a project they did for the Singapore Armed Forces, which was operating a military training base in Queensland. Conditions at the camp […]

How to Supercharge your Smartphone

Here’s a recent item from Business Insider that’s worth a look if you’re interested in speeding up the charge time for your iPhone. It’s all pretty simple stuff: an iPhone will charge faster if you turn the phone setting to airplane mode, remove the case, use an iPad charger rather than the iPhone adapter, and […]

Hetnet Happenings Puts the Spotlight on CEL-FI

Recently our CTO Michiel Lotter and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sean Kinney, managing editor at RCR Wireless for their HetNet Happenings video series. The 30-minute segment was a unique opportunity for us to showcase the key role CEL-FI is playing in the HetNet (heterogeneous network) ecosystem of DAS (distributed antenna systems), […]

What do the Bars on Your Phone Really Mean?

We’re often asked what the number of bars on a cell phone (or dots in the case of iPhones) actually means when it comes to signal strength. Historically, a display of five bars was the only measure used to determine if your indoor signal coverage was strong, but that’s no longer the case. A few […]

CEL-FI PRO Keeps New Parents at Mater Mothers’ Hospital Connected

There’s nothing better than a solid business case study to demonstrate the value that CEL-FI has to offer end users. Here’s one from our Australian distributor Powertec that’s definitely worth sharing. The Mater Mothers’ Hospital services the healthcare needs of new mothers in the Brisbane community. However, birthing wards had poor mobile coverage, which meant new […]

Review: CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster for T-Mobile

CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster

Good news travels fast, so they say. So we thought we would hurry it along by passing on some of the kudos that our CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster continues to receive. The best thing about a lot of reviews we’re seeing is that the authors were naysayers to booster technology until they tried out CEL-FI. […]