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CEL-FI GO Improves Cellular Signal Strength for WA Main Roads Employees

When it comes to remote regions, Australia has plenty of areas where cellular coverage is spotty at best. Take this story we received from Western Australian reseller Nurrunga Communications. The company’s customer, WA Main Roads, had a metal structure (building) known locally as a donga that was located near an intersection on the Great Southern Highway near the town of Albany. Because of the materials used in the donga, it works like a faraday cage that blocks electric fields by channeling the electricity around but not through the structure. A donga has a similar effect on cellular signals.

The problem was the nearest cell tower was 25 kilometers (15+ miles) away on top of a hill. So those in the structure could barely get a 3G signal. Nurrunga provided a simple fix by installing a CEL-FI GO with an external 3G/4G Yagi aerial and roof mount antenna.

Once installed people were able to get a strong and steady 3G signal both inside and 25 meters (83 feet) outside the donga. Better yet, the customer reported it was also getting 4G signal strength that was better than what they got standing right next to the cell tower.

According to the folks at Nurrunga, an employee at the site was so excited he nearly fell off his chair. “I was impressed,” he said. “These things are really good.”

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