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Eliminating Cellular Dead Zones, Mininbah State School Puts CEL-FI GO to the Test

Our friends at Powertec in Australia were the first to put CEL-FI GO through its paces with customers. Here’s a success story shared by one of their resellers.

Mininbah State School in Queensland – whose name means ‘place of learning’ in the local Aboriginal dialect – has over 800 students. The school’s administration building had poor mobile coverage, which meant staff and visitors in the main office and reception, staff rooms and the sick bay often had problems making or receiving calls. Because the school also used an EFT POS machine, the poor mobile coverage also interfered with payment processing.

Because the poor coverage area was within 900m², reseller Duncan Campbell of Clan Campbell Digital Communications suggested installing a CEL-FI GO in the communications cabinet. The installation uses Omni antennas to draw the signal from the closest cell tower, which the CEL-FI GO then disperses throughout the space to provide complete coverage.

The CEL-FI GO implementation delivered dramatically increased data speeds and improved voice quality in the administration building, and the ability to process payments uninterrupted. And because the signal strength extends just outside the building, parents and teachers can now also enjoy full coverage around its perimeter.

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