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An Introduction to Our CellTeks Friends in Texas

Our partners are important members of the CEL-FI family, so we’re always more than happy to take a few moments to highlight the great work they’ve been doing.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to CellTeks, a Boerne, Texas-based cellular solutions provider. Over the years, CellTeks has become the trusted source and recognized experts for tower-based, in-building, and mobile cellular solutions for both urban and rural applications. Much of the team’s expertise lies in helping customers resolve coverage issues, even in the most challenging environments. Major customers include residential, ranch, and commercial applications throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Duane Roundtree, VP of Business Development at CellTeks notes that in his part of the world, it’s not unusual to come across unique situations that require creative engineering – especially when dealing with extremely remote or temporary applications. Since 2013, CEL-FI has played a key role in many of those applications, from oil drilling sites in the middle of nowhere and performance venues to high rise properties and disaster zones.

Roundtree says he’s still learning new ways to work with CEL-FI as situations arise. “Nextivity’s support team has been invaluable in giving us insights on how to get the best performance when we face new situations. We have found that as we become more proficient, CEL-FI aligns well with our vision and business model.”

They’ve also been good enough to share the details on some of their innovative applications, which we’ll be posting soon. So be sure to stay tuned!

Want to find out more about CellTeks? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to make the introductions.