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Hetnet Happenings Puts the Spotlight on CEL-FI

Recently our CTO Michiel Lotter and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sean Kinney, managing editor at RCR Wireless for their HetNet Happenings video series. The 30-minute segment was a unique opportunity for us to showcase the key role CEL-FI is playing in the HetNet (heterogeneous network) ecosystem of DAS (distributed antenna systems), Wi-Fi, macrocell, and small cell.

It was a tremendous opportunity for us to explain to the world at large that CEL-FI is ready and willing to take on an important role in helping the enterprise world overcome their indoor coverage challenges. HetNets often comes across as very complicated stuff – and for the most part, it is. But the fact remains, CEL-FI’s interoperability and LTE-readiness makes for a simple, flexible solution that can take out some of that complexity – and cost.

CEL-FI has been a viable solution for the enterprise space for some time. And this interview goes a long way towards explaining why and how that is. Our thanks go to RCR Wireless and Sean for giving us this wonderful opportunity to talk about our place in the HetNet ecosystem.

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By Werner Sievers, CEO