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Nextivity Redefines Low-Power ERCES Market with Launch of CEL-FI SOLO RED Integrated Public Safety BDA

Extending CEL-FI’s ERCES public safety portfolio, the integrated 0.5-watt solution for LMR 700/800 MHz brings the latest advances in signal processing and end-to-end monitoring to small-to-mid-sized buildings

Today at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Nextivity announced the advancement of its public safety product offerings with the introduction of the CEL-FI SOLO RED Integrated Public Safety BDA. Ensuring reliable emergency communication in small-to-mid-sized buildings, the 0.5W SOLO RED leverages the advanced technology of CEL-FI’s public safety infrastructure to bring class-leading signal processing and remote monitoring capabilities to LMR low-power ERCES solutions. In addition to integrating UL 2524 required alarming and system power management functions, SOLO RED offers unmatched talk-in and talk-out performance as well as the industry’s simplest and most robust installation experience. SOLO RED will be showcased in Booth #1043 at IWCE in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Through real-time system monitoring, CEL-FI SOLO RED offers industry-leading performance with a no noise guarantee. Based on positioning and environmental factors, the system automatically sets and optimizes uplink transmit power. SOLO RED also automatically calculates and applies the ideal isolation and downlink gain parameters, which are dynamically adjusted in real-time based on external changes. To ensure the best possible performance, SOLO RED works alongside the CEL-FI COMPASS smart RF handheld scanner and CEL-FI WAVE PRO app to allow integrators to perform CEL-FI’s groundbreaking uplink (UL) and built-in grid tests. These tests allow installers to prepare for AHJ walk-throughs, accelerating the process of achieving occupancy certificates for building owners.

Paired with the CEL-FI WAVE Portal, CEL-FI SOLO RED sets a new benchmark for low-power ERCES solutions by offering expansive remote monitoring, managing, and control capabilities of each system component. As the first solution in this class to monitor donor signal quality, SOLO RED and the WAVE Portal enable system integrators and AHJs to detect common installation issues such as Time Delay Interference (TDI) and building-to-building interference. The system also offers real-time high site-to-server antenna monitoring and reports performance metrics through the WAVE Portal.

CEL-FI SOLO RED is an open-platform solution that is compatible with third-party components such as battery backup systems, wind-rated donor antennas, and Knoxx Emergency Power-Off switches. Also, SOLO RED includes support for the CEL-FI RED Active Serve Antenna, which allow end-to-end monitoring of system performance and integrity without the need for complex and difficult-to-install antenna monitoring systems.

“Based on the feedback from partners, integrators, and customers, we set out to engineer a public safety solution that is ideal for smaller structures and combines our renowned performance advantage and ease-of-installation with network safe and no noise guarantees,” said Michiel Lotter, CEO of Nextivity. “As a breakthrough product with an unmatched feature set, CEL-FI SOLO RED extends our public safety capabilities to deliver reliable emergency communication in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Nextivity is committed to ongoing innovation in emergency communication systems and the continued development of ground-breaking solutions that solve the most complex issues facing the public safety community.”

CEL-FI SOLO RED is the ideal complement to the scalable CEL-FI QUATRA RED solution for larger buildings. Both solutions share the same technology platform and support ecosystem, making them the most attractive choices for system integrators.

Other key features include:

  • Complete End-to-End ERCES Public Safety Solution for 700 & 800 MHz LMR
  • Class A Device with 56 Channel Pairs
  • Class B Device with 100 kHz & 150 kHz Bandwidth Options



For information on when the product will be available to order, resellers can contact their local Nextivity sales representative.