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Nextivity Expands ERCES Lineup with New CEL-FI QUATRA RED Integrated Public Safety DAS Components

Extending CEL-FI’s award-winning ERCES public safety portfolio, CEL-FI QUATRA RED offers new software solutions and hardware components

Today at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Nextivity announced the continued evolution of its public safety product offerings with the introduction of new functionality, increased flexibility, and new components for the CEL-FI QUATRA RED Integrated Public Safety Distributed Antenna System, (DAS). Developed with the needs of first responders, building owners, installers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) in mind, QUATRA RED is the first all-digital in-building public safety solution in the market with built-in installation tools, monitoring, and a no noise guarantee. QUATRA RED will be showcased in Booth #1043 at IWCE in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Nextivity is dedicated to innovating ground-breaking public safety communications solutions that deliver uncompromising coverage in any situation and continue to raise the bar for emergency communications systems. Leveraging Nextivity’s award-winning technology, the CEL-FI lineup of public safety products is engineered to combine industry-leading performance with ease of installation and unmatched support. From the planning stages to unrivaled system monitoring and management, Nextivity’s public safety solutions provide installers, building owners, and emergency personnel peace of mind every step of the way.

The evolution and development of Nextivity’s public safety portfolio has been informed by the valuable insight and feedback from partners, installers, and the public safety community. Solving the toughest challenges for emergency communications systems, the next generation of CEL-FI Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES) deliver capabilities not previously available in the industry, including real-time donor signal analysis and end-to-end system monitoring. Paired with CEL-FI WAVE software and CEL-FI COMPASS RED, CEL-FI’s public safety infrastructure significantly enhances installation and system management through comprehensive support. By easing the barriers to entry, providing unparalleled system metrics, and offering the industry’s most reliable LMR and FirstNet coverage, CEL-FI’s public safety solutions ensure fire, police, and medical personnel are connected when communication is critical.

CEL-FI QUATRA RED is the only ERCES solution to concurrently provide LMR coverage and true carrier-grade, multi-band support for FirstNet. In addition to delivering the industry’s best talk-in and talk-out performance with a no noise guarantee, QUATRA RED offers real-time, end-to-end system monitoring and management through the CEL-FI WAVE PRO application or CEL-FI WAVE Portal. Nextivity’s public safety ecosystem significantly reduces installation time and costs by bringing together comprehensive support from the planning stages to implementation and QUATRA RED’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) architecture.

CEL-FI QUATRA RED is available in Class A and Class B with integrated FirstNet support in both variations. The main components include the new Management Unit (MU), which functions as the central communication system between the Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU), head-end Network Unit (NU), and the new Battery Backup Unit (BBU). Distributing signal throughout the building or campus, the NU connects and powers up to six Coverage Units (CU) via Ethernet. Optional equipment includes the CEL-FI RED Remote Annunciator and CEL-FI RED Emergency Power-Off Switch. The system is also an open-platform solution that is compatible with third-party components such as battery backup systems, wind-rated donor antennas, and Knoxx Emergency Power-Off switches.

In addition to integrating UL 2524 required alarming and system power management functions, CEL-FI QUATRA RED also offers unmatched talk-in and talk-out performance as well as the industry’s simplest and most robust installation experience. QUATRA RED also supports CEL-FI Smart Antenna server antennas, which enable end-to-end monitoring of system performance and integrity without the need for complex and difficult-to-install antenna monitoring systems.

Other key features include:

  • Complete End-to-End ERCES Public Safety Solution for 700 & 800 MHz LMR
  • Class A with 56 Channels
  • Class B with 28 Channels (100 kHz & 150 kHz)
  • Dedicated FirstNet bands (2, 4, 14, 12)
  • Large Coverage Area up to 320,000 ft² per Coverage Unit
  • Automatic Isolation
  • Automatic Uplink/Downlink Calculation
  • Talk-out Guarantee
  • Scalable All-Digital PoE
  • Built-in Remote Monitoring
  • Designed for Ease of Install
  • No Noise Guarantee
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
  • End-to-End Monitoring

“As an engineering company, innovation is in our blood,” says Michiel Lotter, CEO of Nextivity. “We began the journey into public safety solutions five years ago with the goal of bringing to market a more advanced solution that makes installation easier and buildings safer for our public safety officials. We are committed to being the leader in ERCES public safety communications and have listened to our partners, public safety officials, and building ownership groups to continue to eliminate their emergency communications challenges. Our continued innovations with CEL-FI QUATRA RED represent the next step in the evolution, and we’re not finished yet.”

CEL-FI QUATRA RED is complementary to the smaller 0.5-watt CEL-FI SOLO RED solution, which will be announced tomorrow. Both solutions share the same technology platform and support ecosystem, making them the most attractive choices for system integrators.


CEL-FI QUATRA RED is available exclusively in the United States from Nextivity distributor partners today, and the new components will be available in January 2022. For information on when those components will be available to order, resellers can contact their local Nextivity sales representative.