Google, Qualcomm, and Samsung Weigh in on 5G



Earlier this year, FierceWirelessTech published this piece on the near future of 5G. It stemmed from comments made by industry leaders in response to the FCC’s Notice of Inquiry on spectrum bands above 25GHz.

Experts from Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm provided some compelling ideas on how far the 5G world can take us as the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction.

Samsung commented on how 5G will enable a bounty of mobile services that will be integrated into daily life. Google speculated that high-frequency bands will drive experimentation and innovation for unmanned airborne applications, including its own Project Loon, as well as machine-to-machine applications. Qualcomm’s vision was a world with unparalleled forms of connectivity, including device-to-device (aka mesh) and device types such as drones, robots, and industrial machines. The list goes on.

The expectation is that 5G will help support applications like virtual reality, 3D, 360-degree cameras, and other immersive experiences.

This comment from Qualcomm says it best: “5G services will enable use cases that are not even imaginable today as supportable by traditional cellular technology.”

We definitely have our eyes on the 5G space as we continue to innovate with our Cel-Fi offerings. So you needn’t worry. We’ll make sure your robots will continue to work just fine, whatever the quality of the signal in your building.

How much of a change do you think 5G will make in your industry?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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